Find Your Flow

When you live in a town full of non-stop adventure and activity ten months out of the year, it often feels weird to take a ‘break’ during the shoulder seasons. However, the longer you’re in Fernie, the more you begin to appreciate this time of year. Time is available to get on the yoga mat, read books and connect with friends over coffee. All of this happens without feeling the desire to get out for a pedal or a few laps at the hill, simply because it’s currently not an option.

October seems to be a seasonal shift from the warmer months to the cooler, shorter days and I tend to find myself craving the yoga mat with the warmth of a regular practice. For some, myself included, finding an hour to yourself during the day seems near impossible. Between
family, friends and work it can be tough to find this time. However, scheduling this time and treating it like any other appointment will keep you committed to making it happen.

I find the mornings work best for me before anyone else is awake. I go into the spare room, close the door, light a candle and get on my mat.I’m not saying we all need to spend an entire hour in a room by ourselves with the only sound being our breath. What I am saying, is that whether it’s ten or sixty minutes, taking time for yourself each day will help you become the best version of yourself.

As we shift seasons this month, I challenge you to 30 days of checking in. Try this yoga flow at home, seeing if you can connect and move with your breathing, following it to that place where the magic really starts to happen. To the regular yogi’s this is known as a vinyasa or sun salutation, to the newbies read instructions below and follow the pictures.

Happy flowing, friends!

1. Standing tall, reaching arms overhead.

2. Exhale as you fold forward.

3. Inhale lifting head and chest half way

4. Step back to high plank, exhale, lowering to chaturanga, keeping elbows into the body

(option to come to knees)

5. Inhale to up facing dog

6. Exhale to down facing dog

7. Inhale stepping right foot through to a lunge, reaching arms up for three breaths ( =back leg

straight or knee to the mat)

8. Exhale hands to mat, step back, lowering to chaturanga

9. Inhale up dog

10. Exhale down dog

11. Inhale stepping left foot through to a lunge, reaching arms up, transition back to down

facing dog for three to six breaths

12. Bring feet to hands, roll up to standing reaching arms overhead

Repeat this 5-10 times.