Festivals For Life

Ahh, summer - the provider of the sunshine, warmth and the long days that fill us up and help get us through the cold winter. It also means festival season, which I am 100% here for. Sure, I don’t go to as many as I would like, but we are oh-so-lucky to have one of the very best ones in BC right on our doorstep. Wapiti! The awesome indie music festival that shows the very best of our town – we’re all just here for a good time!

It’s early August, you’ve got your ticket, tricked your work mate into agreeing to switch shifts with you, and you’re ready to party. What will you wear? When it comes to festival wear, it can be a bit cliché. In saying that, I do hope that we have all come to a time where we understand cultural appropriation. To me (and almost everyone else) that IS the only place you can go wrong.

The great thing about festival wear is that it can be everything or anything. You like chinos and a polo shirt? Whatever floats your boat! Are you more into a light and breezy maxi dress? Wonderful! You want to wear your swimsuit so that you can take a dip in the river mid-way through the day? Great idea, I’ll bring mine, too! Wearing clothes that make you happy really is the only rule in life, festivals are no exception.

I’ve got some ideas, but I’m telling you, downtown is stacked with excellent summer wear. Go for a wander!

Want to make it easy? Throw on the gorgeous Savannah Jumper by Saltwater Luxe (available at Freyja), and you are ready for whatever the day has in store for you. It’s a lightweight jumpsuit that has a cute cutout at the front, so it looks like a two-piece, but the frills just have you fooled (in the best possible way!).

Thinking of something a little more cas’ then the Amalfi Top by Rhythm (available at Commit) is a great option. It has a cropped fit, some buttons down the front and is a lovely colour. Casual, cute and would look great above some denim. I’m a big fan of RVCA, and their Sky Jolt Blue denim skirt (also from Commit) would go great with this top. Throw on Billabong’s Aboat Time Straw Hat (Boardstiff), and you have an outfit that you will wear again and again (and again).

Are you still thinking about the swim in the river that I mentioned earlier? Yes? Good. A swimsuit under denim shorts (or a long flowy skirt) will make all your festival (wear) dreams come true. Billabong’s Sunny Rib One Piece swimsuit from Boardstiff is fab (and a little cheeky) and has the right amount of swim/lounge appeal that will make it pass for a top. Pick up the retro high-waisted Roxy Authentic Shorts from Commit, and you have yourself an outfit. Want to up your game? The Brixton Cap from Commit will complete your look.

What is a festival without a little tie-dye? Oh, the ’60s were good to us! Wapiti may not be Woodstock, but that does not mean that you won’t find a place here for the Vans Dye Job Dress (from Edge of the World). Iconic festival look, right there.

So now, you’re set. You know that you can find the perfect look for your Big Weekend Out, but wait, you’re missing a couple of things.

Stop by Elevation Showcase to pick up a Kavu Takeout Tote. It’s the perfect size and is insulated and padded so will keep your items cool throughout the day. While you’re there, the Hydro Flask drink bottles will keep your water so cold your teeth will hurt. Stay hydrated, my friends.

This is it, my favourite time of the year. I’ll meet you at the food trucks!