February Events

Does it seem like there is always something going on in Fernie? It probably is because there is! This year we are focusing on training for local events and here are next month’s events so you can get ready for them:

Feb 1 - Fernie Nordic Society Toonie XC ski race
The low down: If you haven’t done much XC ski racing and are hoping to do more this winter, this casual race series is an excellent way to get started. Race starts at 7pm at the Elk Valley Nordic Centre. Just show up with your XC stuff, a toonie and go for it!

Training musts: While getting out XC skiing itself is essential training for any XC race, try to make sure you remember to incorporate high intensity bouts of cardio to simulate racing. If you go hard in training, it is much easier to go hard when racing!

Feb 10-12 - Jr. Freeski Competition (www.skifernie.com)
The low down: Competitors will display their skiing skills on natural terrain while being judged in five categories – Line Choice, Control, Fluidity, Technique and Style/Energy. The event is open to skiers ages 7-18

Training musts: While competitors for this event have age on their side to help prevent injury, core exercises using the ball are huge for keeping them strong, stable and powerful day after day. Best big mountain ball exercises: side crunches, back extensions, pushups, bridge and roll in, Russian twist, kneeling side ball toss.  

Feb 12 - Winter Wheezer. XC ski event (www.fernietearsandgears.com),
The low down: Winter Wheezer is an annual duathlon race mixing cross-country skiing or snow biking with trail running. Race as a team or solo

Training musts: Both legs of the Duathlon are endurance (last year’s total race times ranged from 65 minutes to three hours) so getting out and doing a few one- to two-hour endurance sessions weekly is very helpful. As soon as you are doing this much cardio, cross training at least once weekly becomes more important. This ensures the muscles you aren’t working when XC skiing or trail running are being worked and prevents injury. Important exercises to include would be single-leg squats to ensure good knee tracking, bridging to get your hamstrings balancing your quads, and back extensions to keep your posture upright.

Feb 14 -Valentines Day
The low down: Come on, surely you know about Valentine’s Day! I am proposing you get organized now to do an active Valentine’s date. Now is the time to book a lunch and cat ride at Island Lake Lodge, as well as get some XC skis or snowshoes rented. A XC ski or snowshoe in, followed by a lovely lunch at the Lodge and cat ride down sounds like a pretty good date, no?