Come Play with Us

Well a New Year is upon us, and also the start to the winter snow season. With snow and winter weather, we see many visitors new and returning come to spend some time with us.  

One of our memes or tags is inviting you to ‘come play with us,’ as we feel that any time on snow should be play time. With the investment of time spent doing any sport or recreational activity and focusing on what we do, why we do it, and perhaps how we do it, we can potentially create a better understanding of the sport or activity and perform better.

What does better mean to you? Does it mean you can ski and ride different terrain and feel comfortable, less intimidated? Does it mean you can ride or ski with friends that perhaps are a little faster but now you can hold your own? Does it mean you can ski or ride in varied conditions and understand how to change what you do to be able to handle the shift that Mother Nature brings to the mountain?

There are many facets to consider when we look to be better at something. How do we repattern our behaviour and thinking to get a different result? We all have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, and we don’t want to go there!  

So, the question is how do we repattern? As a teacher, I bring valid concepts to the table for the people I am skiing with to consider. I want them to change the way they think about skiing, as I believe that we perform a certain way because of what we believe. It is not luck that creates good skiing or riding, or performance in any sport, it is intention.

Good teachers, and we are fortunate to have many at our snow school, facilitate learning in a fun and simple way. By understanding the technical foundations of a sport, and by understanding what you individually want to achieve to be better within yourself, we can lay out what to do, when to do it and how much to do it, so that we get a different result.  

Then, it takes repetition, a lot of patience and a change in how we feel and think. Consistency is somewhat a key factor, and we all know that the mountain environment is not always consistent, 
(thank you, Griz!). It is also important to take the time to reflect and hold ourselves accountable for our own learning. Stay with it and take time each day when you are on the mountain, to invest in yourself. 

On those days when you might consider the conditions to be less inspiring, get out and work on your own riding. Go play on your skis or board and be grateful as we are so lucky to be able to!

Some things that work for me to ensure I ski my best on any given day:

1. Warm up properly. Choose the terrain and speed. 
2. Focus on one or two concepts that I am currently focusing on to help my performance. 

Do this for the first two or three runs in the day, with intention, and you might find you are off to the races for the rest of your ski or ride day.  

Enjoy your time on the mountain, and remember we are here to help and invite you to, ‘come play with us.’