Change: As Good As a Holiday

Okay, okay, it’s not quite as good, but you may be surprised just how good a little change feels! With a new year always comes a great excuse to freshen things up so here are some ideas on how you can create a healthier you this year.

1. Change your cardio: A great way to cross train for your sport is to do a different sport that still benefits cardio fitness. If you’re working on improving your running ability for example, a good idea might be to run Monday, circuit train Tuesday, spin Wednesday, run Thursday, and circuit train Friday. Way less running with a larger potential to improve your stamina without getting overuse injuries.

2. Change your routine: If you do not have a routine, get one! Routine is the number one way for a successful program. If your routine has always been to work out three times weekly, change up what you are doing within your workout. If your routine is NOT to exercise, try to start a routine by committing to three activities per week. You may want to join a class or book a session with trainer to establish this routine.

3. Change your strength: If you are stuck on pumping iron, change it up with TRX. This is an awesome new way to get a full body workout through lifting your own body weight against gravity. Your body doesn’t know the difference between its own weight and lifting dumbbells, so why not mix it up? For that matter, add in some pushups!

4. Change your eating: Just as your body needs a shake up, shaking up your nutrition can be a good thing too. Switch on your consciousness and think about what you are eating, the quantity of the food and the quality of the food. Try to remember that your food is your energy and fuel for your body. It might be an oldie, but it’s a goodie: you are what you eat.

5. Change your frame of mind: You choose how you feel, so choose to feel good about yourself. Choose to be healthy. Choose to not let the little things get you down. Choose your weekly times to exercise.

6. Change your outfit: I am not a style guru, but it always seems that when clients show up in a new outfit they stand taller and work harder. I myself have felt a little extra swagger in my workout with a new set of sweats not to mention how good a fresh pair of sneakers feels.

Even if you are not into New Year’s resolutions, hopefully we can get you thinking about being healthier and more motivated this year. And if you are still thinking a holiday might be easier and better than a healthy change, you might want to at least get in shape so you can feel good about yourself in your swimwear!