Bike Stretches

Bike season is upon us, and regardless of the time you’ve put in on your trainer or in spin class you will likely experience tight and sore muscles. Here is a list of stretches you can do before and/or after your bike ride to help you prevent injury and recover faster.

These incorporate the use of a bike to aid the stretch, so make sure it is secured against something so it will not fall over. And remember to take your time and that stretching should never hurt.

1. Arm circles 5/direction. Slow pain free circles.
2. Hips/gluts 10 breaths/side. Place outer foot on cross bar, bend your knee and lean forwards.
3. Hip flexors 10 breaths/leg. Place the top of your foot on cross bar behind you. Squeeze gluts and lean back.
4. Hamstrings 10 breaths/leg. Place your heel on cross bar, keep leg straight and lean forwards.
5. Calves 10 breaths/leg. Stagger legs, bend front knee and lunge forward keeping your back heel down.
6. Triceps 10 breaths/side. Lift arm above head, grab your elbow and pull it behind you.
7. Spine rotation 10 breaths/side. Face away from your cross bar, keep your hips on the bike, twist and try to grab the frame of your bike.
8. Chest 10 breaths/side. Using the tree or fence you had your bike propped up against, place your hand and elbow on it and turn away opening your chest.
By balancing yourself through stretching and stability exercises you will have a much stronger, longer and healthier season. Be sure to stay hydrated and watch out for trees, it’s a bit cliché in this area, but trees always win!