Becoming Part of the Race Community

The running shoes, bikes and hiking boots are out! It’s hard not to get caught up in Fernie’s racing community. I hope you have signed up to compete in at least one of the many events taking place this summer. Here are a few to get on top of so you will be ready for next months events:

June 12: Little Critter Criterium #1
The low down: Races take place at 6pm on the second Monday of every month until September. Start locations vary so check the website the week before for locations.

Criterium style rides, competitors complete as many laps of a short course as possible in the allotted time. For every lap of the course completed the rider puts his/her name in for draw prizes. Geared to riders 12 and under. (Training wheels are not appropriate, run bikes and tag-along bikes are okay.)

Training musts: A great attitude, good pre-race snack, water and the all-important pre-race pee. Teach your kids to love racing by starting them in this super fun race. No experience necessary – the race is the training!

June 24: Lucky 7’s
The low down: The Fernie Lucky 7’s is a cross-country mountain bike event that caters to those looking for a fun experience. Competitive endurance and XC racers will be challenged in the seven-hour solo and team category events. Families, youth and company teams will love the team options and approachable course. The Fernie Lucky 7’s course features moderate climbs with lots of passing options and fun rolling downhills. The selected course is a 15-km loop with only 350 metres of vertical climbing.

Training musts: The category you enter will dictate the amount of training required prior to the event, but whether you’re doing one 15km loop or seven hours of biking, it is important to cross train in addition to training on your bike to avoid overuse injuries. Because you are bent forward when biking, you need to work the opposite “extension" muscles to keep your muscles balanced. Twice weekly be sure to work on: lunges (10/leg), back extensions on the floor or ball (20x), side plank (30-60 sec/side), bridging (60-120 sec) and y-fly’s (on your stomach on the ground, arms  at 10 and 2, lift only arms off ground)(15x).  Slowly do two to three sets of this list making sure all exercises are pain free.

June 24 : Fernie Alpine Resort opening day
The low down: Day one of the downhill biking and lift-access hiking season.

Training musts: Get your downhill “DH” bikes dusted off and start ripping! There are DH races coming soon, but be sure to remember it is still early in the season. Start slow, and let your muscle strength build throughout the season.