Back to School Fitness

photo by V.Croome

Okay kids, this one is for you. In this fabulously fit town, you have little excuse to not be a part of the very healthy norm. Here are a few ideas for a variety of ways to improve your fitness, which ultimately will make you feel better about yourself. And at the end of the year, if you feel good about yourself, then I would say it was a pretty awesome year. Why not start the year with the goal of having an awesome one?

1. The sedentary student (takes a bus, hates gym class, no extracurricular sports): Feedback I’ve had from this type of student later in life has often been that they were so unfit or heavy that they felt embarrassed and less inclined to be involved in sports. They also report that embarking in fitness ultimately came when they decided that they wanted to feel better. And ALL of them say it took perseverance. The sneaky way to improve is to add small bouts of exercise whenever you can. You can set walking goals for yourself such as once around the block every second day and gradually increase your time and distance. Trying a little harder in gym, even if you continue to dislike the class will slowly make it all easier. This might surprise you, but even trying to walk taller can help you be more active. Making sure you fuel your body throughout the day with healthy food and water is also a good way to improve fitness. Remember it takes a long time to change habits, but every time you exercise it gets a little bit easier.

2. The typical student (participates in gym, likes to play outdoors): This type of student can go both ways and needs to make sure they set themselves up with some weekly exercise goals. If you do not have gym class this semester, try to join a class around town or get a friend or group of friends together and make your own group, such as mountain biking Monday, jogging Wednesday, hitting the gym Friday, or lunchtime intramurals. Trying to walk or bike to school is also a good way to keep fit. Having a plan is key though, look ahead each week to make sure you have at least three 30 minute exercise sessions planned.

3. The athlete (you know who you are): If this is the year you want to help take your team to provincials then let this be the year that you give it your all. Make sure you keep your body balanced by stretching, cross training, eating healthy and letting your coach know if you are feeling any injuries. As a coach, there is no greater athlete than one who gives everything for their team so help out and encourage your fellow team mates. Train, train, train, and remember that “Faster, Higher, Stronger” (Citius, Altius, Fortius) is the Olympic motto.

Incorporating any fitness plan into your school year is a great way to have a better year. Look at things that have worked for you in the past, learn from them and don’t be afraid to try new things. A consensus among clients is that they wished they had good self esteem in school, and nothing helps self esteem more than feeling healthy. Oh, and don’t forget to study!