Around the World Workout

In honour of Earth Day I have chosen five exercises with worldly names for your inner traveller to try. 

  1. Stiff-legged-single-leg ROMANIAN deadlift. Targets hamstrings and balance. Start with one leg behind you and keep a straight line, toe to shoulder, through the motion.  Lift your back leg to get up and your chest to get back down. Your standing leg should remain straight. Only go down as high as your leg can lift. Once you have reached your limit, stand back up keeping that straight line, toe to shoulder. Start with 8/leg and progress to increase your repetitions, as well as hold weights in your hands.
  2. RUSSIAN twist. Targets abs. Sit on the ground with your knees bent and feet together. Lean back without arching your back and keeping your chest up. Start by touching the ground with both hands just outside your hips. Once you can do 20, add a dumbbell or medicine ball in your hands.
  3. BULGARIAN split squat. Targets quads, knee stability. Place a toe up on a bench behind you. Keep your upper body tall and bend your front knee. Your back knee should go closer to the bench as you bend. Try 8/leg to start and progress to increase repetitions and holding weights.
  4. FRENCH press. Targets triceps. Sitting or standing, take a dumbbell in two hands and bring it overhead. Keep your elbows pointed to the roof as you bend them and bring the weight behind you. Try not to arch your back, instead keep your abs tight.  Do 10.
  5. TURKISH get-up. Targets abs and cardio (it is hard!) Take a light weight (start with 3lb) and hold it directly towards the roof. While holding your arm straight towards the roof, sit and then lay flat on the floor.  Continue to keep the weight straight to the roof and stand back up again. Try 4/side to start and work to increase repetitions and weight.

Incredibly there is yet to be a Fernie-specific exercise, though I am inspired to create a Griz training program next year! These exercises should all be done slowly with no pain. Do not forget to drink water in your travels!