11 Years of Fitness

When Krista contacted me back in the fall of 2006 to ask if I would do a three-article series on ski season fitness in her new magazine I was excited. I have always loved writing and I am passionate about fitness and educating people about how to be their healthiest self. I never imagined that this phone call would lead to 11 years of monthly articles. A wedding, name change and two babies later, this is my 133rd column and my last. So in the spirit of celebration, I want to share with you some of my favourite and least favourite memories.

Proudest moment. I had a new client come in with a photocopy of the Fernie Fix article “Exercises to Prevent Neck and Low Back Pain” (July 2014) that his doctor had given him to get him started on his rehabilitation.

Favorite “celebrity” moment. “Dad, did you know Levi’s mom is actually a superhero?”  Comment from a friend about his son seeing me in, “Superhero Exercises to Build Superpowers”. (July 2016) Close second is being recognized as the girl from the Fernie Fix at a Ghostrider game… followed by the comment, “Wow, I thought you would be way taller.”

Favourite article. “March Madness Workout Game”. (March 2014) I normally try not to read my articles once they go into print because I am always my worst critic and there is nothing you can change once something is in print. This one, however, I cut out, glued to some cardboard and played often with my kids, clients and friends. 

If I could have you cut out and keep one article… It would be the dynamic range of motion warm up. Also known as the “Pre-ski Routine”. (January 2007) This simple list of ten range-of-motion exercises is such a great way to keep your body in motion and out of pain. Close second, “Roll Away Sore Muscles” (December 2014) because foam rollers are amazing!

Least favourite picture. In the “30-minute Kitchen Work-out” (Nov 2014) I decided to really get into the article so my kids and I dressed up in full ’80s attire, blasted ’80s music and did ten different exercises each for one minute. Vanessa was there to capture it and while my kids look adorable, my outfit was not that flattering!

Favourite picture: “New Mom’s Springing Back into Shape”. (April 2011) The pictures that went with this article on how incorporate your baby in your workout were of my then-seven-month-old son being used as a weight for shoulder presses. Whenever I look at this picture, I can remember his giggles every time I hoisted him up.

Did I really do that? “Pumpkin Workout”. (October 2012) Perhaps this was when I really let me ego go for the greater good of the magazine and put on a Mexican wrestling mask and worked out using a pumpkin as a medicine ball. 

Article I got the most feedback from: “It’s all about balance” (Aug 2017) This was the first time I strayed from giving fitness advise and got personal about how I like to spend my time unplugged on the weekends. It was also the most vulnerable I ever felt handing in an article.  Close second: June Abs challenge (June 2014, 2016, 2017) The only topic I did more than once because who doesn’t like great abs in time for the summer?

Thank you to Krista for that phone call 11 years ago, Vanessa for taking all those pictures and to all my readers for your positive feedback.  Good health and happiness to you all, Sarah