The 100’s Club Movement Challenge

June seems like a nice month for a challenge. How does completing 100 reps of different movements each day throughout the month sound? This number may sound rather intimidating to begin with, but I assure you that as the month goes on, it will become easier. This is coming from the gal who, at one point in time, did one hundred naked air squats everyday for an entire year. I speak from experience when I say to you, it does get easier. Take a look at the big picture and remind yourself that one month is a rather short amount of time and that you can do it. As the days get longer with increased hours of sunlight, there is no reason why we can’t all head outdoors, catch some rays and squeeze in a quick one hundred reps. Right?

Personally, a 6am rise and shine with the birds, paired with squats or pushups and a coffee sounds quite lovely. There’s something so magical about those early hours of the morning. The colours, the sounds, the smells… I could go on. I’m certain some of you are reading this shaking your head thinking ‘What? People actually do that sort of thing at that time of the day?’ I’m here to tell you that yes, indeed they do, and I am willing to bet that those people would agree that it’s quite possibly the best time of the day. Now, the enjoyment likely doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some time to get into the groove. They say 21 days to form a habit, which works perfectly for us all, because we are doing this for 30 glorious days together.

If you happen to fall into the category of people who think nothing good could possibly happen before 9am, or that early morning fitness isn’t your time to shine, no problem. Find time in the day that works for you to spend a few minutes getting the reps in and the heart rate up. It doesn’t matter when you do them, but that you do complete them. Can you find a buddy to do the 100’s Club Movement Challenge with you who will hold you accountable? Maybe you meet up from a distance each day, put on some tunes and see how fast you can do them. Social media is also a great form of accountability, so by all means, use it. #100club.

One last thing - remember that with all of these movements you are more than welcome to modify to a number that will make sense for your body. I.e. If 100 is a big reach, start with 50.

Lateral hops
100 air squats (knees track over the feet, chest stays up, no wobbly knees)

100 shoulder taps (in plank or from knees, alternating hands to touch shoulder)

100 lunges (forward or reverse alternating legs)

100 push ups (plank, knees or elevated torso all count)

100 burpees (spicy, I know)

100 mountain climbers.

100 lateral hops over home object (think
laundry basket or two pillows stacked)