Winter House Sellers

Winter can be a difficult time to sell a home, even in a busy tourist destination like Fernie. The weather isn’t always fantastic, the number of daylight hours is significantly lower, and it is just a busy time. Traditionally spring and summer have been popular times to list homes, but with Fernie’s growing popularity worldwide homeowners and developers are responding to the increase in product demand during the busiest months of the year – in winter.

Although it can be guaranteed that these months of the year come with an influx of visitors, it is important to note that as a seller you may need to put more effort into the process. Here are some sure methods of increasing your chances of selling this winter!

Keep the snow Fernie is known for at bay. If a buyer can’t get into a house easily, the house is less likely to sell. Clear the walkways and driveways of snow and ensure they are free of ice. The house and yard should look well maintained, and if you find it hard to be consistent consider hiring someone to be responsible for its upkeep

When showing your home try warming it up. Adjust the thermostat prior to a potential buyer's arrival to make the home more welcoming. Turn on a gas fireplace to create ambience, and with a wood-burning fireplace you have to be more careful. Leave just before the agent arrives with the fire at the right temperature and the hearth set for a fire. Buyers will feel the warmth, hopefully "warming" up to your home!

Encourage agents to show your home during the high-daylight hours to take advantage of natural lighting. Have the curtains and blinds cleaned and open them as wide as possible during showings. Clean lamps and fixtures and try replacing the bulbs with the highest wattage and turn the lights on before the potential buyer arrives.

Washing the windows is always a good idea and leaves a good first impression. The strong southern light can show everything, and dirty windows can make the house feel like it hasn’t been well maintained.

Add to the atmosphere by putting on relaxing music, such as a classical CD or radio station, and perhaps light a scented candle or bake cookies prior to a showing. Additional comforters on beds, blankets on the couch, and large cushions are also simple things that can help potential buyers feel at home.

Many potential buyers will do a drive by prior to viewing the home with an agent. Consider setting up timers to ensure your home is always seen in the best light.

Show you care for your home. Ask the agents and viewers to take off their shoes when entering or leave paper slippers at the door. Potential buyers will appreciate your efforts to maintain your home!

Market the area! In some parts of the world the winter is a huge aspect of living in the area. Fernie is one of these places, and winter and all it offers is a huge selling point.

With the abundance of people in Fernie over the next few months, take the time to make your home a must see. Good luck, and enjoy these beautiful months in Fernie.