September 2013 Remark

Hot List
Roller Derby Champs
Mud flying at Demo Derby
Holiday Monday
Smell of pencil shavings
Tube scarves
Coffee Patron
Finding out you have more time than you thought to get ready for something.
Avo Launcher bagel
September TV shows premiering

Fall Fashion

Okay, my deadline for this column was due before I got a copy of the famously anticipated September Vogue. But I did have a chance to view many fall lines when I attended some trade shows in Canada and the US this past spring. Here is the lowdown for fall.

Berry Goodness. Think about the deep berrylicious colours like blueberry and ripe raspberries – this is your trending colour palette for fall.

Navy! Hello, where the heck have you been? Off into the wild of the Amazon retreating and planning your huge comeback no doubt! Navy is back for fall. Put away the summer nautical navy looks and suit up in navy paired with those delish berry colours for you Sept-Jan wardrobe.

Wapiti – I do what I want.
If you didn’t already guess, yes I’m tied to the Wapiti music festival. I am on the Board of Directors and have served as the marketing director since its inception four years ago.

This year at the festival, a question was posed to me. “What do you get out of this, more importantly, what is your financial gain?”

I was perturbed by the question. I was also mildly shocked, because I hadn’t actually asked myself this question.

The Board of Directors meet year round, planning and pouring our hearts into this festival. I have never stopped to ask myself why I am dedicating 1000+ hours of my free time to this. I could really be doing a lot of other things.
So here it is.
I love Fernie.
Fernie is my home, and I’m doing something that I love to bring something great awesome to this community.
When the sun sets and the dance floor picks up, yes that gives me satisfaction in life. Call me a simple gal.
Volunteering isn’t about a “gain.” Unless you call good karma and warm fuzzies a gain.
I love what the festival has evolved too and I love the future possibilities of where it can go.
Some people get “it” and some just don’t.

Bubble 1
“You get high on the air here.” – overheard at Wapiti Music Festival

Bubble 2
Right pissed off. #forgettingyourSAVEONMOREcard

Fall Wine
Ahhhhhhhhh ready for red wine! Why not bake yourself up a fresh berry pie and pour yourself a glass. Okay, forget the baking part and just pour yourself a glass already. Summer was hot, town is back to “normal,” and it’s time to relax.

Excellent buys in Fernie:
Bear Flag Smooth Red Blend, California $12.99
On the sweeter side, Tempranillo, Touriga, Zinfandel and Alicante Bouschet grapes. They call it smooth because it IS!