The Remark - March

- The first ski lift was inspired by conveyor equipment used to load bananas onto cargo ships.
- Lori Lynn Lomeli hula hooped with 82 hoops at once in 1999.
- Resting moths hold their wings horizontally. Resting butterflies fold their wings vertically.
- The world pours more steel in an HOUR than it has poured gold since the beginning of recorded history!
- Harrison Ford once flew a helicopter to rescue a lost Boy Scout stuck on a mountain.
- While a lot of actors go by their real names in The Office, Creed Bratton is actually playing himself on the show.
- REM drummer Bill Berry had a brain aneurysm during a concert, quit rock and roll, and became a farmer.
- In the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella, one stepsister cuts off her own toes in an attempt to make the shoe fit.
- In 1938, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel sold all rights to the Superman character to their publisher for $130 cash.
- Neptune was first spotted in 1846. This July, after 165 years, it will finish its first recorded orbit of the sun.

Do you ever see a stranger in the background of one of your photos then start wondering, how many strangers out there have a picture of you?

Isn’t it weird how you look forward to a party but then feel really awkward when you first get there?

Ever get so desperate for snacks that you eat the pickles from the back of the fridge?

Hot List
Spring Break
More daylight
The 600 block of 2nd Ave
Loaf Pizza
Mr. Fernie competition, March 18
International Women’s Day, March 8
McDonald’s breakfast biscuit
The Canterbury Trail by Angie Abdou
Mini Eggs
Kissing Irish people (only on March 17)
Blue cheese
Patio furniture and BBQ shopping
Taco Tuesday at El Guapo
St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

Irish Special Drink List
St.Paddy’s day is upon Fernie and in honour of this sweaty, messy, smelly and overall good ole’ time, I bring you my favourite Irish drinks! Drink responsibly.
Classic Green Beer
When I think of St. Patrick’s Day I think of dirty draft beer with three drops of green dye and my college bar, the rest is foggy. Served best as pale ale in a plastic cup with salt and vinegar chips. Don’t forget the Irish accent.
Guinness Beer
Treat yourself to this classic Irish dry stout beer. Like wine, Guinness is loaded with antioxidants, so the indulgence isn’t all bad. This beer is quite simply a treat all on its own, but I love pairing a Guinness with oysters. This tangy-smoky beer completely works with the oysters, match made in a green paradise.
Irish Whiskey
Make no mistake with your lingo, scotch is from Scotland and whiskey (spelled with an ‘ey’) is Irish or American. Melting into your chair with an Irish whiskey is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Ask Kyle Hudon at Bulldogs to pour you two fingers of Jameson. Redbreast, Bushmills, or personally my favourite, the Greenore Single Grain. They are all fine choices for a rookie or a whiskey lover. Snack on a smoked cheese or a nutty dessert.
Whiskey Sour
Have a cocktail in the spirit of the Irish. 1 oz lemon juice, 1 tsp of icing sugar, 2 oz of whiskey. Shake over ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with lemon and a cherry. So much fun in your mouth!
Irish Breakfast
Adopted by most ski bums as their breakfast, coffee and Baileys! For a twist add Cointreau.

On Turning 30
Everything was going perfectly fine last month leading up to my 30th birthday until I opened a gift from my mom. Behold a pair of cheetah printed, lace up wedge sandals. “Cougar Shoes” is what came to my mind. That was the initial start to my freakout. I’m turning 30? This can’t be, I really didn’t believe the day would come. I remember back in my teenage years fully assuming that when I was “this old” I would have fulfilled many of society’s milestones. I used to think I’d have three kids by now. (Belly laughs.) Truthfully, the more I think about it, this journey to my 30th birthday has been as annoying as an underwire bra. The drama, the insecurity, the stress!

As I crept up to the idea of actually wearing these shoes, I became more and more confident that all the tears and sweat of self-discovery that I burned through have made me proudly who I am now. I couldn’t be more ready to ditch the hip hugger jeans and step on the gas into my thirties. If only I could have started my twenties with the wisdom I have gained now I’d no doubt be sitting on Oprah’s leather couch promoting my latest best selling book. Many of my wise older friends are living life fully and mindfully everyday, I’m more than thrilled to join that club. You truly are only as old as you feel. And to all the ladies in their twenties out there, trust me, it really only keeps getting better and better! Cheers!

Spring Fashion Forecast
Floral, boots, lace, leggings, and nautical stripes should be on your radar - not all together of course! Some are calling floral the new black, and some designers have completely dedicated their spring lines to the nautical look. Whatever tickles your fancy welcome the sunshine with a couple updates and fresh pieces. Try a floral dress with a jean jacket over leggings. Or floral leggings with a biker jacket. Pull off the sailor look with a striped top, dark denim and red nail polish.