The Remark - July

“Music to Wake Surf To” Playlist by BoardStiff
I'm on a Boat - The Loney Island Ft. T-Pain
Bang Bang - Mark Ronson & Q-Tip
Swoon - The Chemical Bros
Party with Children – Ratatat
My Wave – Soundgarden
Kickstart my Heart - Motley Crue
Misrilou - Dick Dale & his Del Tones
Hang On - Fu Manchu
Nobody Rides For Free – Ratt
Badmouth – Fugazi
Tighten up - The Black Keys
Kickstarts – Example
Drunk Girls - LCD Soundsystem (Holy Ghost remix)
Scribble – Underworld
Animal - Miike Snow (Mark Ronson Reggae Remix)
The Suburbs – The Arcade Fire

Advice from Chan’s Mom
Chan: Ma, how can you tell if a guy really likes you?
Cathy: When he just can’t say goodbye at the door or on the phone – also remember, if he ain’t calling, he aint’ thinking about you.
Chan: Thanks tips.

Jus Sayin…
“To all the brides of the summer. Married life is nothing to be afraid of” – A
“Lisa Murphy is my new personal hero” – C
“Dear Kookanusa, I love you” – MH
“Shred Kelly, have fun this summer!” - Bob
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Shred Kelly on Tour this Summer!

Festival Fashion
BC summers for many mean it’s time to wave your freak flag, festival season is here and don’t be left in the mud with a boring pair of crocs and a stained tank top. Here are some no-fail tips to express yourself, get into the spirit and survive!
- Gum Boots, fun patterns or classic colours, you gonna need these to last all night and stay comfortable and dry.
- Fanny packs or messenger style bags for essential items like hand sanitizer, money and your camera.
- Exaggerated/big/bright jewelry like bangles, earrings and hair bands.
- Feathers and flowers, in your hair, ears or anywhere!
- Hats. Go over the top weird or practical, either way don’t let the sun steal your energy.
- Tutus, hula hoops, glow sticks, fishnets and pasties are also part of every festival gal’s tickle trunk.

July Hot List
Ice Cream
Mountain Market
The new cocktail menu at Island Lake Lodge
Hiking a local mountain
Calgary Stampede
The patio at El Guapo
No Makeup
Being on a boat
Braided hair
Straw hats
Wake Surfing

Random Facts
Don’t play too much Tetris! A condition called the Tetris Effect can happen, you see Tetris shapes out the corner of your eyes and while you sleep.

The "57" on the Heinz bottles doesn't stand for anything. Henry John Heinz just wanted to impress people with the number of products his company sold.

The Olsen twins wore FAKE TEETH on Full House episodes because they're not actually identical twins, and when they got older their teeth started looking different.

Sounding OFF
You know how you get a group of people all riled up? Start talking about cell phone bills and phone companies. People just light up and explode with their own personal cell phone bill woes. Soon the conversation turns competitive with each individual is trying to top the last story of how they were “ripped off”. This is more annoying than when a couple people at the dinner table discuss the latest Bachelorette episode in front of everyone else. I’m at the point now that if someone brings it up I just chuckle and leave the room. Sure I have a story too, I’ve been there, but I’ve waved my white flag, okay? I love my Blackberry and all the companies involved in producing and operating my Blackberry are businesses too that pay taxes and all those people got to eat and pay for their kids phone bills too. Whatever man, just get over it. My advice is to pay the money for a decent phone, don’t be cheap when picking a healthy talk plan, be realistic about your usage. Understand that the call centre lady may be going through a nasty divorce and now she gets yelled at all day at work from customers. Have some compassion, then maybe your woes will somewhat dissipate and we can all get back to talking about the price of gas and the weather.