The Remark December 2012

Hot List
Over indulging
The staff at The Cattle Co
Sorels for the whole family
Mineral pool at Spa 901
Huge pom poms
The satisfaction of a gift wrapped well
Eggnog lattes
Letters to Santa
The ski hill
Dressing up

Questions for Cathy
Chan: Mom, why do men always get socks for Christmas?
Cathy: Because they would never buy them for themselves.

Dressing Holiday

Business or pleasure, many of us have one or two functions coming up. The great thing about these parties is that black is your best friend – and your most affordable friend. Chances are we have at least one solid black item in our closets, like a skirt or a pair of dress pants. Even a nice pair of black skinnys will do the trick. You don’t have to spend a fortune to fabulously attend all parties in some great different outfits. Use the black item you know you can rely on and change it up with a shiny top, or add a bright red scarf and some glitter earrings. You can achieve thousands of looks once you have the basics. A couple of items I always recommend are a black pencil skirt, black pants and a black blazer. They never look dated and you can switch them up with affordable trendy pieces to achieve the look you want.

General Holiday Party Guidelines:

If it’s work related – Keep the cleavage and drinking in check.
It’s winter – Bare legs vs. nylons is still a battle in the fashion world. In my opinion nude nylons are OUT – don’t do it. Black nylons are great and sexy. Bare legs are okay too, only if you are brave and wearing a tall boot. Textured and patterned tights are really hot right now, so if it goes with the outfit, go with a patterned tight/nylon.
If there is a meal – Something you can “grow” in.
If there is a dance – Bring a back up flat shoe.
If you know it’s going to suck – No excuse to look bad.
Trendy – This season’s hot holiday colours are Pine Green, Burgundy, Red and Navy.
Sparkle – Pearls, sequins, embellishments on clothes? YES – go for it!

Roller Derby News
Christmas Bash - Team Fundraiser
The girls are back, and they are ready to have a Christmas Bash! Friday, December 14 at the Northern Bar, join the team for a Christmas gala and enjoy jaw dropping prizes and a visit from Santa. Dance all night with your local roller derby queens, more info at

Great Christmas Present Idea – Turn your amazing Instagram photo into a stretched canvas print. – Print Instragram photos as adorable stickers, calendars, cards or even posters.

Christmas Cocktails – Make Your Own Baileys
Last year my boyfriend did something genius. (Noted as normally I am the genius in the relationship.) He made a massive batch of Irish cream and we had plenty on hand for holiday visitors and even some for last minute gifts – which I presented in cute mason jars with ribbon. We also enjoyed it in coffee holiday mornings…a ritual among us Fernieites!

Ryan’s Homemade Irish Whiskey Liqueur
Half a 26oz bottle of Jameson’s Irish whiskey
1 can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated)
1 cup heavy cream
2 tbsp chocolate syrup
2 tsp instant espresso
2 tsp vanilla extract

Add all ingredients in a blender, except the whiskey. Blend until uniform and smooth. Next add the whisky, blend. Makes about 4 cups…obviously you will want to double the recipe! Put into your food safe container and refrigerate immediately. If properly refrigerated it will last about 25 days.