The Remark - August 2011

Hot List
Deep fried pickles
Wake surfing
Local musicians
Canadian Indie
Ice cream
Main’ers on your townie
Roller derby
$8 cheese plates at La Grand Fromage
Getting married
Back to school supplies
Cut offs
Cold beer
Downtown Wednesday Market and Concert Series
Wapiti volunteer sign-up Aug 3
· The Packers got their name in 1919 after the Indian Packing Company gave the team $250 to buy equipment.
· In 2008, most retired NBA players were broke!
· There's a hidden penis on the Little Mermaid cover.
· Coffee beans are not really beans.
· An ant can be dropped from the top of a skyscraper without being harmed!
· Harry Potter’s lightning-bolt-shaped scar had to be applied approximately 5,800 times by makeup artists for the movies!
· Coca-Cola is the #1 selling soft drink everywhere in the world, except for Scotland and the Middle East.
· The shark in Jaws is named Bruce.
· Cap’n Crunch’s full name is ‘Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch’!
· Michael Bay reused some of his scenes from The Island in the new Transformers movie!
· Scientists have been working on a malaria-detecting chewing gum.
· Redheads require more anesthesia to get numb.
· Babylonians took their beer so seriously that if someone made a bad batch, they would be drowned in it!

In need of wine: capture what’s left of summer
August rolls around, and all I can think is “WTF summer is almost over!”. These months are oh so precious to a Fernie’ite. We bask and enjoy them probably better then any other Canadian, completely maximizing each day as the dark chilly fall creeps closer. My wine and drink list this month is a scrapbook of summer memories and soundtracks, enjoy the sun my darlings.
Adele – “Rolling in the Deep”
Jim Beam – Red Stag – Black Cherry Bourbon – summer love has its ups and downs, sit on the porch sipping this bourbon re-reading those late night texts. Oak and natural cherry flavors make for perfect mixing with cola - over lots of ice!

City and Colour – “Northern Wind”
It’s 9pm, everything is dripping in gold and rose coloured hues around the lake. You open the cooler and see a bottle of Grey Monk Unwooded Chardonnay – 2009. You tucked this away for the perfect sunset. Slightly sweet, pears and tropical fruits, smooth long finish.

Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues”
On any given day, whatever patio you find yourself on, open a bottle of a California Zinfandel. Great with red meat off the BBQ and sipping with fresh strawberries from the garden. Try the Apothic RED, California 2008. A monster of a wine, deep coloured fruits with a spicy punch.

Handsome Furs – “Memories of the Future”
You are up early, swiftly walking to The Blue Toque for breakfast on the patio to debrief last night’s antics with your BFFs. Ask Bronya for a mimosa. Summer itself is a celebration.

Black Lips – “Time”
You’re sitting in a pew surrounded by familiar faces watching your old high school buddy get married. Time is moving on. After the ceremony, you reach into the provided wheel barrel of refreshments for a comforting, cold can of Coors Light. Nectar of the gods at times like this.

David Guetta – “Where Theme Girls At”
He means, where all them Kookanusa girls at? They’re out on some lucky guy’s boat! It’s lake time, aside from your Nalgene pick up a bottle of Quail’s Gate Rose. Light, fruity and fragrant in all the right places – just like those wake surfing ladies. Serve very chilled, pairs well with salads and salmon.

Wapiti Is HERE! Things I am most excited for at Wapiti!!

1. Elliott BROOD Saturday night – BOOM!
2. Vendor food indulgence.
3. Skimmerhorn wine being served in the beer tent – HELLO!
4. Watching Shred Kelly slay the crowd on their home turf.
5. Buying a Wapiti beer koozie.
6. Seeing if anyone comes with elk antlers on.
7. Wearing token festival garb.
8. BOOT-stomping with friends and strangers.
9. Seeing Said the Whale play Camilo.
10. The after-parties.

Fernie’s first Roller Derby Team
The Avalanche City Roller Girls, rocked out to a punk rock bake sale on the first Sunday Social. Look for more roller girl action soon. For more info email