The Remark - April

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Old Man’s Beard and guests took down The Central for a good ol’ random Monday hoe-down March 15. YeeHaw!

April Hot List
Flip flops
Del the Funkee Homosapien at Bulldogs April 11
Recycling a winter’s worth of empties
Picking up your dog’s poo
Social networking
Bamboo clothing
Driving ranges
Long walks along the dyke with the one you love
Prepping/planning the garden
Life coaches
New swimwear

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Feel Brand New Again
Your poor little BBQ has been left out in the cold all winter, the warmer weather has it singing your name in the sweet spring breeze. Hose off the barbeque and give the grills a good cleaning to kick off the bbq season right!

Take out the grills and spray them down with the hose. Use a bucket of warm soapy water, or sprinkle baking soda for a more natural option, gently scrub with a wire brush. Rinse it off with the hose. Now you are ready to oil it, making sure the grills are dry and cold, you don’t want the oil igniting! Give them a light spray of cooking oil, it will help to prevent them from rusting and prepare them for cooking.

BBQ Kick Off!
Boil ribs until tender, then smother in Espresso Barbecue Sauce, BBQ on low-med flame for approx 4-6 minutes each side. Local barbeque master, Meghan Coultry, suggests you continually brush sauce on the ribs as they cook to ensure a crispy and full flavoured coating. Serve with barbequed avocado and peppers.

Espresso Barbeque Sauce
3 tablespoons minced garlic
3 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 cup ketchup
1 cup honey
Pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper
3/4 cup of espresso or strong coffee
Mix together and use within 2 days.

My Aha Moment
No one would ever describe me as a tree hugger. Recycling has always been on the back burner for me. It was never a priority in my home growing up, and the only evidence that I care for the planet would be the lululemon bag I have hanging on my bedroom door that screams phrases across the side like, “Love mother earth and eat more vegetables.” Sure I have heard the messages, I act interested, I seem enthusiastic on “saving the planet” but truthfully, I never gave it much thought. I just didn’t see the point, I never thought little ol’ me here in Fernie and my little garbage could really make much difference. And then boom, as Oprah would say, I had my Aha Moment.

I was in Cancun, Mexico, riding the transit bus past hotel after hotel after hotel. I was suddenly distracted from my lobster sunburn, remembering all of the bottles of water and the all-you-can-eat-buffet waste that must get dumped into a landfill everyday from every resort in Mexico. I felt ill. They don’t have sophisticated recycling programs in Mexico do they? No. Where is all that garbage going? Then like a tonne of bricks I thought about the water, the beautiful ocean – meeting that garbage at some point in full form or in microscopic forms! AHHH! SCARY! I came home from Mexico with that one glaring memory of riding the bus, realizing what WE are doing to the planet and what the consequences are – and will be.

So, I’m happy to report that this girl now does recycle, I buy earth friendly cleaners and thinking green has permeated my thoughts and actions towards the planet at every turn. I realized that the bottom line is that “people” are not going away, and we have evolved to demand a certain quality of life, this too is not going to go away. But what we can do is take the steps to manage our actions so that we respect and honor Mother Nature. If this Kootenay girl can change, you can too. Being green doesn’t mean dreadlocks and an affinity for patchouli.

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Green is Chic!
More and more clothing companies are keeping up with the demand for organic and eco-friendly materials and practices. Did you know that lovely fabric in your closet called “Modal” is made from cellulose fiber, made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees? Modal, Organic Cotton and Bamboo are excellent alternatives for the chic eco-conscience gal. The options are out there and the selection for a natural choice in fashion has never been better!

chan_water bottles.jpg
Invest in a cool water bottle to reduce waste and stay hydrated on the go!

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Sighted! Thanks to an anonymous Remark fan, this pic of the Griz crossing the street playing a maraca was snapped in Tijuana, Mexico on spring break March 13. So that’s where he is! Busted!