The Remark

The East Kootenay Roller Derby League has published its season schedule and Fernie’s Avalanche City Roller Girls have been training all winter for this anticipated season. Throw this on the fridge and get your red face paint ready to cheer for Fernie! Still unsure of what Roller Derby is? Well, I don't even know where to start… "Google" it and get into it!

EKRDL Bout Schedule

May 12 Cranbrook Memorial Arena
Fernie vs Kimberly
Invermere vs Cranbrook
June 2 Invermere
Kimberly vs Invermere
Fernie vs Cranbrook
June 23 Marysville
Fernie vs Invermere
Kimberley vs Cranbrook
August 4 Fernie Arena Semi Finals
Team 1 vs Team 4
Team 2 vs Team 3
Sept 15 - Championships Marysville Arena
Team 3 vs Team 4
Team 1 vs Team 2

Doors and refreshment gardens open at 4:30pm.

East Kootenay Roller Derby Girl of the Month - Jenna Jammerson #69 – Avalanche City Roller Girls
Hometown: unknown
Assets: invisibility cloak
Weight: 9.5 stones
Skating career: 19 years

Jenna holds the jammer position, it’s her favourite. Sometimes she likes a change, but she usually ends up back as jammer. She skates up and down the smooth long rink stimulating the scoreboard for her team. There was a time long ago Jenna donned a tutu and bedazzled bodysuits, twirling around to her most favorite boy band love ballads. Then one steamy night walking home, she took a wrong turn and ended up down a dark alley. Curious, she followed a noise coming from a shady garage door. As she crept up and peered inside, she saw something that changed the course of her life forever. The event left her deranged, promiscuous and just really bitchy.

“She’s the fastest girl I know.” – Some guy.

Spring Fashion Forecast

It’s no secret that I love fashion. Call it shallow compared to your Polar Peak ascents or your bike ride of the week but it’s who I am and who I always have been. I have come to be one with my passion for fashion. To me it is life’s greatest form of self-expression. It is art, it is a form of communication, it’s the stuff that gives me thrills.

As I type this I’m combing over the pictures and reviews from Toronto Fashion Week. Last week I was glued to Paris Fashion week. Even though these are all fall collections, spring is my favorite time for fashion. Fashion is in the air baby! And here, by yours truly is your spring fashion forecast – Fernie style that is!

- Coral, peach, lemon… colours that you will not get enough of.
- Chiffon, dressed up or down.
- Daisy Dukes? You bet, wear them with tights until it’s hot out. Pair up with that chiffon blouse and wow ‘em!
- Bangles and bracelets of all kinds – big, small or skinny, stack those puppies up your arm.
- Fernie loves the boho look. Get that fringe bang and wear that maxi dress.
- Coloured denim, give your black jeggings some time to cool off and get your white, pasty legs into some pink or beige skinny jeans.
- Wear a cropped jacket or hoodie with a huge bun on top of your head. If you have short hair try the *sock bun.
- Oversized tanks! Get out the bandeaus, bright coloured and fun and wear them under those tanks with the huge armpits. Can you believe I incorporated the word “armpits” into a fashion article? Cray Cray.

*Sock Bun Tutorial Here:

Hot List
Heading south
The dike
Rain boots
Toms shoes
April Wine
New bikes
Flashy But Trashy Fashion Show
Meat Draw at the Fernie
Wedding planning
Coal Miner Days
Having no money
Cheap beer, see above
Stoke on for camping
Stoke on for Music Festivals

Wapiti Update
In an unprecedented turn for the Fernie history books, Wapiti Early Bird Tickets sold out in just one day. Regular Advance Tickets are now on sale online and at Midge’s Mags for $45 and will be on sale at this price until August 1… unless they run out.

New Bands Signing On
The Boom Booms!
The Boom Booms are a six-piece Latin-soul-funk-rock-reggae band, forged from friendships born on the schoolyards, soccer fields, cafe patios and eventually bars of East Vancouver.

“Another Canadian band that does not suck.”

“Aaron’s music combines the raw emotional intensity of Ben Harper and the cultural diversity of Manu Chao, with a sound that harkens back to old time folk and soul.”
—CBC Radio 3