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A Frank and Honest Discussion: Fashion Footwear in Fernie.

Okay, how many times do I explain the "real footwear deal" to new girls every upcoming winter season? We have all learned the hard way at some point. So anyone new to Fernie, take our advice and skip fashionista choices for your long-term winter functionality. Yes. Of course we absolutely love our boots, booties, moccasins, ballet flats, etc. but! These are not ideal to walk around throughout the winter, and this is coming from a fashion storeowner.

You need a pair of Sorels or something rubber lined for cold weather. If you can't afford a name brand, there is no shame. Canadian Tire offers affordable unisex or women specific rubber winter boots, order a pair through Sears, or up hit Walmart. These boots will save you!

Fernie does a great job at snow removal, but side streets and crossings can be ankle to knee deep sometimes. Also if it warms up, the slush will engulf your tiny tootsies two steps out the door.

Fashion is important. Every girl expresses her personal style on some level. If you are going for trends and fashion, buy the fashion shoes AFTER you buy the rubber boots and tuck them in your bag or car. Change when you get to wherever you are going. It's not weird – we all do it.

If you think a knockoff pair of Uggs or some suede moccasin boots will get you through a winter in Fernie, you are in for some soggy socks and blue toes.

Bubble. Not sure how to tie a scarf? Search YouTube for how to videos!

Bubble. Don't limit yourself to those harsh Instagram filters, try running your photos through another app like "Camera+" before uploading to Instagram. Beautify your selfies with the "moreBeaute2" app. Search the App Store for lots of options!

Safely Bronzed Beauties.
Earlier this year, my mother asked if we could go on a girls-only vacation with my sister and I, and when asked where in the world she wanted to go, she said LA! As the trip approached I asked Cathy, what exactly would you like to do in LA? "I want a spray tan." Walk the stars on Hollywood Blvd? No. Shop Beverly Hills? No. Spray tan? Yes.

A new experience for all three of us, our trip was basically the redneck version of the Kardashians. I looked online and found a girl with seven years experience and a mobile unit to come right to our hotel room. Perfect.

How does it work? An ingredient derived from either glycerin or plants called Dha is in the solution. When the Dha lands on your skin it triggers your own skin to start developing your tan. This product is generally safe, but best not to inhale.

I stepped into a "stand-up tent" and our technician began spraying me with a blower, it was refreshing and kind of chilly, unlike the old fashioned method. It takes about eight hours to fully develop and then you can shower. We all were slightly sticky for the day after our 9am appointment.

Did it look fake? The real test was on my sister who has alabaster white skin. Michelle looked great! Totally natural, I think it was the first time her legs haven't blinded me! (Sorry Michelle).

Is it safe? Organic solutions are a much safer alternative. This way of tanning, for my family and I, is the safer choice over tanning beds and outdoor tanning. It doesn't look like tanning is going out of style, ever.

Does it last? As long as you stay moisturized, should last about ten days.

Helpful advice from our professional:
Always read reviews about the technician or the spa before going in.
Ask your friends if they have had positive experiences with locations.
Make sure the spray is organic. The technician should always be forthcoming with a full list of ingredients if you request it.
Never go too dark, always keep your ginch on or some small piece of yourself covered so you can check in and see how dark you really are. If you go too dark, as it fades it will look speckled. #thetanmom
The technology behind it has come a long way and it looks natural when done properly. People go a shade of orange only if they are really misusing the product.
Don't have unrealistic expectations, your spray tan will work with what you have.
Thursdays are apparently the busiest day for spray tans, as everyone wants a tan for the weekend. Book ahead.

We discussed on our flight home to Canada, where the tanning weather is long gone, that we all give organic spray tans Five Stars!