November 2012 Remark

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Black Friday
Winter tire commercials
Foamy lattes
Halloween pics
Obama Vs. Romney Nov 6
Ignoring text messages
Funk Hunters at the Northern. Nov 30

Wine for Winter
Here are some wines to help you bring on the cold – all are available in Fernie.

Bold Zinfande
l – Try Gnarly Head Zinfandel from California. $18.99, great with a bowl of elk stew while hibernating for the night.
Blended Red for easy pairing - Chili, Pizza or Meat and Cheese, the Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon from Penfolds $16.99 is fantastic.
Merlot – Pairs with a lot of dishes and is also a people pleaser, great for company or last minute gifts. Wolf Blass $14.99 or Yellow Tail for $12.99 are perfect. Looking for more flavour? Go for a BCVQA like Blasted Church Merlot Cab Sav $25.99
Cellar Spruge - If you love wine you know that the 2009 Bordeaux Vintage was released this fall. This vintage is said to be the best vintage of all time. Read all about the 2009 release at

So You’ve Been Invited to a Potluck.
Here’s a guide to what to bring to potlucks to help you experience success and avoid potential awkwardness.

Ski Bums
- Bring chili or pasta
Hipsters - Gluten-free and vegetarian just to be safe.
Party Animals - Cheap beer, chips and dip. On a budget? Don’t skip the beer.
Hot Moms - Consult the latest seasonal recipes from Martha and follow very closely. Remember presentation is everything.
Football Party - Think greasy or cheesy and you will be a hit.
New Friends - Magnum of wine with whatever you choose to bring!
Kid Party - Peanut-free, gluten-free, nutritious and delicious.

This Month’s Hash tags
1. "Some people brighten up a room by leaving it." -Dane Cook #quote
2. "You Go Glen Coco" #moviequote

Fashion Trends Explained.
1. Legwarmers – Last winter season saw a revival of the much beloved ‘80s aerobic staple, the legwarmer. This season it’s back and going strong. People wearing legwarmers might seem ridiculous. But think about it – it’s a sweater for your calves. Your legs are chilly in those leggings and paper-thin skinny jeans. Show your calves and ankles, or cankle if you will, some love with a cozy sweater of sorts. To sweeten the deal today’s legwarmers come in modern colours and cute Nordic prints. Add a pair to your lonely boots.

2. Printed Tights - Taking Fernie by storm, this season’s hottest trend is most defiantly the printed legging or tights. If prints are a little loco for you, ease into it with a coloured tight like navy or burgundy. Tights of all colours and prints are the rage, scoop up a pair quickly.

Fashion Question: Can I do printed leggings with legwarmers? YES, however no print on print. One or the other should be a solid.

Social Media Check In - Instagram app
I thought this social media trend would fade, but it seems to be captivating Fernie more and more as it grows in popularity throughout the world. Keep in touch with your favorite friends, brands, and celebrities in the form of photography art. Say what you want about the integrity of Instragram photos, but I think we can all agree they look pretty cool.

My Fav Instragram’ers to follow:
Kirk Fairchild
Shred Kelly
Coco Rocha
Scott Serfas

Now if only I could have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram account all in one. Oh wait, I can. All of these accounts can be linked in app settings, how convenient.