March 2013 Remark

Hot list
Bailing people out of the Griz Days jail
Pinching people who aren't wearing green on the 17th
People hosing snow off their lawns
Chocolate bunnies
Spring break'ers doing shots
Parental over-sharing on social media
Hair by Dayna at Sparrow
Cross Fit addictions
Jameson's whiskey
Being arty
Bacon and eggs
Reservations for dinner at Toque by Twilight
March Madness

Wapiti Playlist
In the spirit of loving and sharing music, every month Wapiti brings you the freshest Canadian Indie playlist. Here is what Canada is cranking.

Serena Ryder – “Stompa”
Loon Choir – “Nowhere to Run”
Stars – “Backlines”
Whitehorse – “Devils Got a Gun”
The Matinee – “Young and Lazy”
July Talk- “Paper Girl”
Sheepdogs – “Feeling Good”
Young Empires – “White Doves”
Hannah Georges – “Somebody”
Saint Alvia- “Define Me”
Alexisonfire – “Happiness. By the Kilowatt”
Knaan – “Bulletproof Pride” Feat. Bono

I Say March, You Say ________
Beer? That's cool, let’s talk beer. There’s so much beer out there. So many kinds, and I love them all. An estimated 21.9 million hectolitres of booze is produced every year, according to The Canadian Brewing Industry making beer Canada's most consumed alcoholic beverage.

There are generally two types of beer – lagers and ales and a variety of kinds that fall under these two umbrellas.

Lager. Lager in German means storage. Fitting because this type of beer is stored for weeks or months until it’s ready. It ferments at below 10 degrees Celsius.

Amber lager. The original lager, amber in colour with a slight malt sweetness.

Ale. Fermented at temps warmer than 15 degrees Celsius and the oldest form of beer. More full bodied and fruity.

Amber ale. Slowly fermented. Large head with richer flavour.

Pilsner. Is a style of lager – all pilsners are lagers, but not all lagers are pilsners. First created in 1842 in Plzen, Czech. Since then many have recreated the simple straw pale beer style. Easily the world’s most popular beer.

Belgian style. White/wheat ale. Brewed with a lot of wheat along with malted barley. Cloudy from the wheat protein. Uses orange peel and coriander for flavour.

India pale ale. Hoppy with higher alcohol content. Bold, and copper in colour.

Stout. Beer made with roasted malt or barely.

Fruit beer. Fruit is added during the fermentation process. Dryer beer.

Beer Association Game – what does a beer say about its drinker?

1. People who ride fixed gear bikes
2. People who like good bang for their buck.
3. People who put deep care and thought into how they get drunk.
4. Dads
5. People with money.
6. A person familiar with a chainsaw who wears a toque in the spring.
7. Women
8. An eccentric fellow.
9. Fans of dubstep.
10. Persons with panache.
11. Tourists

A. North American lager. Ie. Kokanee
B. Premium imports.
C. Amber lager.
D. Bud Light Lime
E. White beer
F. Imports. Ie. Stella Artois
H. Lucky Beer/Keystone
I. Micro brews. Ie. Nelson Brewing Co.
J. Pilsner
K. Fernie Brewing Co.

Answer Key: 1.J, 2.H, 3.I, 4.A, 5.B, 6.C, 7.D, 8.E, 9.G, 10.F, 11.K

Spring Fashion Focus. - The Hi and Low How-To
You’ve seen it – short in the front, long and drapey in the back. A mullet of the fashion sorts. Don't be left out this spring and summer. Dresses and tops have been reinvented, and it’s oh so flattering!

Hi-lo dresses need bare legs or leggings and boots. Most of the tops are in chiffon or light cotton – which fits and lays best with a snug cami underneath. This style is defiantly sticking around for the summer!

Another trend pairing with this look is the high-waist jean. Denim is coming up, way up. Tuck in your muffin top and show off the smallest part of your waist. Low riders are out!