June 2013 Remark

Hot List
Grads doing the Grand March
Cold lake water
Coco Melon Palm Bay
Cheap flip flops
Hoodies for jackets
Fresh pair of shades
An evening spent at Infinitea
Supporting Relay for Life
The Weather Network app
Diamonds and the Devil
Dog baths

June Fashion

Sunglasses. They are functional and they are a statement. Things to consider when purchasing sunglasses: Make sure your face isn’t wider than the frames. If you put your glasses up on your head a lot, avoid glasses with the attached nose pads - they get stuck in hair easily. If you are laying on a beach, Aviators will leave your forehead exposed so you may want a fuller frame. Do you want to climb mountains? Perhaps the massive Lady Gaga style is a bit much. Also, bring a friend to help you decide. The hottest women’s shapes this summer are the Rayban Wayfarers, Rayban Clubmasters, Spy Optic OMG!s, Or anything retro shaped!

Photo from www.blogdathassia.com (One of my most fav fashion bloggers, Thassia knows her shades!).

Bubble 1
Getting home and realizing you looked like that all day #relatable

Bubble 2

When you are talking to someone and spit lands on your face #awkward

Bubble 3
Pop, mags, gummies, chips, lotto #sev’run

Toronto Blue Jays Trivia
1. What year did the Blue Jays play their first game?
2. The Blue Jays beat the ________ ________ in 6 games in the 1992 World Series.
3. Who hit a walk-off home run to win the 1993 World Series for the Blue Jays?

Answers: 1. 1977 2. Atlanta Braves. 3. Joe Carter

Wapiti Playlist and News – the Freshest Canadian indie playlist!
Inlet Sound – “Magnetic North”
You Say Party – “Friend”
Express and Company – “Carry Me Along”
Current Swell – “Long Time Ago”
Said the Whale – “I love You”
The Belle Game – “River”
Bahamas – “Lost in the Light”
Wake Owl – “Wild Country”
Groenland – “Daydreaming”

New this year – The CBC hooks up with Wapiti! Expect to see Wapiti 2013 bands on the CBC Stage as well as some CBC Radio personalities!
Interested in coming onboard the Wapiti Team? Hop over to waptimusicfestival.com and fill out the Volunteer form. Free Ticket and shirt for helping us out!

Pic of Current Swell –Caption “Friday Headliner Current Swell! Weekend Passes are still available at the advance prices - snag one before they go up to the full price!”

White White – Making sense of Places and Flavours
I love white wine in summer, it just helps you stop and appreciate the short and much loved summer months here in Fernie. Use this guide to help with your summer selections and pairings.

Dry White

Light/Veg/Herbal: Sav blanc, White Bordeaux, Pouilly- fume, Pair with salsa, veg
Light/Citrus: Pinot Grigio, Unoaked Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, Pair with seafood, thai
Light/Floral: Pinot Blanc, Vermintino, Pair with sushi, chicken, raclette
Rich Creamy: Chardonnay, Viognier: Pair with lobster, fish, alfredo sauce, buttery dish
Medium Floral: Semillon, Chenin Blanc: Pair with dessert, nuts, Smoked gouda

Sweet White
Rich/Melon/Honey: Riesling (Austese), Moscato, Sauternes, Pair with soft cheese, Savory dish, fried chicken
Off Dry/Peach: Gewurtztinminer, Chenin Blanc, Riesling (Spatlese, Kabinett), Pair with buffalo wings, terryaki, spicy food