July 2013 Remark

Hot List
Being Canadian
Outdoor patios
Neon toes
Road trippin’
River floats
Tweetng about how much you love your life
Jumping in a lake like a boss
Sweat beads
Driving behind five RVs
Clever names on baseball jerseys
Tanning oil
Hitching a ride – on Kookanusa

Bubble 1
$19.99 – Because $20 is an outrageous amount of money!

Bubble 2
I end my Facebook conversations with “liking” the last post – you too?

Bubble 3
Not all goodbyes are sad. Example “Goodbye Class.”

• Fruit bat mothers cry when their baby is taken away.
• Lady Di once went to a gay bar with Freddie Mercury disguised as a biker!
• When a horse wins a race "hands down" it means the jockey never raised his whip during the race.
• Official baseball rules state that an umpire may not be replaced during a game except if he becomes ill, injured, or if he dies.
• The name ‘grapefruit’ gives homage to the fact that they grow in clusters like grapes.

Wapiti Playlist and News
One month until Fernie becomes a mecca for fresh Canadian music – in our own backyard!
To get you stoked on the lineup, enjoy the ultimate Wapiti 2013 playlist!

Plants and animals – “Lightshow”
Current Swell – “Coming Home”
Shred Kelly – “The New Black”
The Good Ol’ Goats – “The Train”
Devon Coyote – “Light Up My Soul”
No Sinner – “Boo Hoo Hoo”
Plants and Animals – “The Mam Papa”
Loon Choir – “Nowhere to Go”
Portage and Main- “Better Man”
Delhi 2 Dublin – “Turn Up The Stereo”
Shred Kelly – “Ghost Inside My Head”
Inlet Sound – “Magnetic North”
Current Swell – “Too Cold’
Devon Coyote – “Fight”
Loon Choir – “All Boats Don’t Rise”
Plants and Animals – “Bye Bye Bye”

Next month the official Wapiti programme will be available in the August Fernie Fix – you will want to scoop one us ASAP! Advance tickets available online and at Le Grand Fromage! Wapitimusicfestival.com

Wine News

Summer drinks time! Past experience with this topic has led me to two concrete conclusions. 1. Many summer drinks can lead to tight fitting pants come fall. 2. Boozy drinks in the sun are super fun, but have consequences like sunstroke and hangovers.

This month we explore the Low Calorie and Low Alcohol trends. I’m sure you have noticed Molson 67 commercials and Skinny Girl products in our local liquor stores. I went hunting in Fernie for some ideas to keep you having fun in the sun without the negative long and short-term consequences.

Over the last year, low alcohol and low calorie options have become increasingly popular – I think people don’t want to skip the alcohol, but want better choice.

1. Low Calorie Beer
Michelob Ultra – 2.6g Carbs, 95 Calories, 4% Alc.
Molson 67 - 2g Carbs, 67 Calories, 3% Alc.
Average Light Lager – 7.5g Carbs, 102 Calories, 4% Alc.
**Based on one can size
Choosing a beer like this does mean sacrificing some taste, so what about every second beer? If it’s hot and the beer is cold, you won’t mind!

2. Low Calorie wine.
Moscato – You don’t hear too much about Mosacto here in Fernie – but you will. It’s been making a comeback because of its low alcohol content. Moscato dates back to early times in Greece. Peachy, apricot and floral like, it’s sweet, aromatic and you can sip away at 5% alcohol content per glass. (Most wine is roughly 11-14%) Perfect for summer!

Moscato 2-8g Carbs (depending on brand), 120 Calories, 5-8% Alc.
Average Red Wine – 4 g Carbs, 100 Calories, 12% Alc.
Average White Wine – 3 carbs, 110 Calories, 12% Alc.
Skinny Girl Brand White Wine – 4 Carbs, 85 Calories, 11.5% Alc.
Skinny Girl Brand Red Wine - 4 Carbs, 85 Calories, 11.5% Alc.
**Based on a 5oz serving size

One trick to sipping along with friends while cutting calories and alcohol is “the spritz” - add club soda and fresh fruit to your wine glass!

3. Other Lower Options in Fernie
Skinny Girl Margarita - 1.4g Carbs, 38 Calories, 12.7% Alc.
Smirnoff Ice Light - 11g Carbs, 110 Calories, 5% Alc.
Fruli Strawberry Beer - 0 Carbs, 160 Calories, 4.7% Alc.
Coors Light Iced T Light Beer - 5g Carbs, 100 Calories, 4% Alc.
Coronitas – Tiny Size! 207ml serving of Corona at 4.6%
**Based on a 5oz serving size

Gluten Free dieters beware
- Although it varies brand to brand, cider is 12g Carbs, 120-187 Calories and 7% Alc. in each can.
- New Grist Gluten-Free Beer – 16g Carbs, 166 Calories, 5.1% Alc, per bottle

Always on top of the latest food and drink trends, Island Lake Lodge has a low calorie option on the drink menu this year and have kindly shared the recipe.

The Tres Hermanas Margarita.
Course sea salt

Lime wedges

1 Cup fresh Grapefruit juice 

1/3 Cup Lime juice 

1 Cup blanco agave tequila 

1/2 Cup Cointreau (triple sec if you’re on a dime)

1 Tsp pure agave

Rim four marg glasses with course salt and set in freezer to chill. Mix grapefruit, lime, tequila and Cointreau in a pitcher. Take chilled glasses and pour the marg mixture over ice. Garnish with lime and grapefruit wedges.

Another fabulous option at Island Lake is Sangria Sundays on the patio! Don't forget to ask to have yours mixed skinny!