January 2013 Remark

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Fernie Winter Skin Care
Winter can sure age a lady. We ski down slopes in freezing temps and take hotter showers, both drying out our skin. Finding a skin routine to combat this is easy, and will pay off! A small amount of time, devoted daily, can fend off unwelcome wrinkles that last forever. If you’re 20-29, this is important knowledge I wish someone would have shared with me!

Get yourself a bottle of Cetaphil. It's about $14.99. This bottle will last you a year. No joke. Apply, cleanse. Rinse.
Get a bottle of toner and cotton makeup remover pads. Something natural like witch hazel. Stay away from the chemicals. It will only irritate your skin more. Check out the natural section or a health food store. Toner goes on the pad, wipe the pad gently over your face. You will be amazed what still comes off!
Moisturizer. Think about this, you might not flinch at an oil change or a pricey ski jacket, but what about when it comes to your face? Find a moisturizer that fits your budget and skin type. My favourite and go-to line is Ole Henriksen. http://www.olehenriksen.com/
Repeat this morning and night, even when you get home at 2:30am!
Everyday makeup? I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF year round. It's all a Fernie girl needs!

Hot tips:
I keep a tub of Vaseline beside my bed. It really is the ultimate moisturizer. A little on and around the lips, and around the eyes will keep you glowing all winter and fend off wrinkles. If petroleum ain't your thing, try the Burt's Bees version of Vaseline.
Also, I'm currently addicted to my new Clarisonic electric facial cleanser. This product has completely rocked my world. http://www.clarisonic.com/

Wine, Beer and Spirits in 2013
1. Ever since the velvety goodness of Apothic Red poured across Canada, blowing minds all throughout 2012, you can expect more red wine blends to pop up and compete. I have seen a few on the shelves, but I expect more to come, hopefully at competitive prices.
2. Flavour Flav. Expect the unexpected. We saw ice tea beer last year and ginger apple cider. Perhaps for summer we can expect something new, like Bud Light Cheladas in Canada? (Oh please please!) I recently just saw Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper. See, everyone is jumping on the flavouring bandwagon.
3. Whiskey Woman. Whiskey makers have finally realized that women are buying and enjoying whisky and scotch, so expect some women targeted whisky marketing this year.

2013 Goodbyes and Hellos
NHL lockout
Year of the dragon
US elections
“Gangham Style”
“Call Me Maybe”
Doomsday preppers
London Olympics
Twilight and vampires

NHL lockout
Year of the Snake
BC elections
BC family holiday long weekend Feb 11
Western Canadian Roller Derby Championship held in Fernie In July
Canada AM
Hi-low dresses
Hunger Games: Catching Fire
New beginnings