February 2014 Remark

Hot List Feb 2014
The Bachelor
Posting opinion pieces on Facebook so your peers will know how you feel about a topic.
Holiday Monday Feb 10
Canada Olympic mittens
Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game Feb 23
Vitamin D pills
Late Night food truck/7-11
Pow hours
Using gift certificates
Whitefish for a night

Valentines Day Picks for Fernie

February is a great month, days are getting longer, the powder keeps coming and cupid is out and about.
Fernie’s Best Wine Deal
Bear Flag - Dark Red Blend
Nice sipper, would be great with a chocolate fondue. Hello Valentine’s idea! Cashmere soft but juicy purple goodness with vanilla and cherry notes make this my new favorite affordable blend! www.bearflagwine.com $13.99

Need a little something something? Your best conversation starter would be Patron ox Cafe liqueur. Taking premium silver Patron tequila and the richness of coffee, this is not a sweet liqueur, it is dry with chocolate and vanilla notes. Make this your Valentine’s treat! patrontequila.com$49.99

Bubble 1
“And None for Gretchen Wieners”

Bubble 2
Do all car commercials need a sappy indie chick song these days?

Bubble 3
What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more. - Haddaway

Bubble 4
“If I’m not interested in a woman, I’m straight forward. Right after sex, I usually say, ‘I can’t do this anymore. Thanks for coming over!’” Vince Vaughn

Bubble 5
"There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments." Chris Rock
"You know when you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." Dr. Seuss

What Ski Town Single are You?

Looking for the “one” or for a good time? Make sure you go for the right type! Here is a simple test to determine what type of ski town single you are and what your best and worst matches are.

1. It's Sunday Night you are:

a. Hitting up Industry Night at the Fernie! Shots!
b. Home from yoga and making quinoa.
c. Cooking dinner and watching some Sunday football.
d. Online shopping.

2. Every Spring you ______.
a. Head to Thailand.
b. Book your summer music festival tour.
c. Head south.
d. Plant your garden.

3. The last time you bought new snow gear?
a. I buy what I want when I want.
b. Retro googles from the Sally Ann last week!
c. Boxing Day
d. 2004

4. Every time you are at Overwaitea you pick up:
a. Frozen pizza
b. Nuts and seeds
c. Milk and bread
d. Organic vegetables

5. You walk into the Northern:
a. And everyone knows your name.
b. You check who’s playing tonight.
c. See what’s on special.
d. Look for your friends.

6. Your ideal morning is:
a. Not hungover.
b. Wake with the sun, make a kale smoothie.
c. Fresh pow, brunch at Blue Toque.
d. Hit the gym at 7, followed by a massage at 9.

7. The last thing you read…
a. The tattoo on your last hook up.
b. Your horoscope.
c. Ikea instructions.
d. Deepak Chopra

8. Your favourite Fernie event
a. The new mogul smoker
b. Hot Dog Day
c. Wapiti
d. Canada Day

9. Your favorite Chair
a. White pass
b. Elk
c. Polar Peak
d. Timber

10. Hangout?
a. The Royal
b. Infinitea
c. Northern
d. Loaf

Scored Mostly A’s: The Snow Bee

You are here for good time, not a long time. You have serious swagger. Relationships sound like a lot of work #awwhellno! Fernie is fun and who knows what the next rave will bring in. Your best bet is to avoid Snow Dogs and Snow Cats, stick to the Bees and Snowflakes. Be upfront with your non-committal ways.

Scored Mostly B’s: The Wandering Snowflake

You wear your heart on your sleeve, the “fairies” bring you love. You are not sure what you love more, your hoola hoop or your yoga mat. You are looking for the craziest most passionate love that ever happened. Your best bet is to charm a Snow Dog to follow you anywhere until you are So. Totally. Over it! It is also best advised to not sleep with co-workers or bosses. Bees will only bring you #dramz.

Scored Mostly C’s: The Snow Dog

You work long days, you enjoy the company of good friends and frankly, the bar scene just stresses you out. You want to hit up Yamagoya mid week with that someone special. #Copiousammontsofredwine. Your friends are all paired off, single life has gone stale and you ain’t getting any younger. You are open to anything and anyone. Your best bet is to stay away from Wandering Snowflakes and look for a fellow Snow Dog, you should also open your mind to Snow Cats. Best advice, don’t read too deep into texts.

Scored Mostly D’s: The Snow Cat

You’ve attended 30 weddings in the past three years. Your tank of fake enthusiasm for all your knocked up friends is on empty. You have dated more people than the capacity of the Community Centre, and you still haven’t been able to find someone as awesome as yourself. #ontheprowl Your best bet is to avoid the cougar tendencies and run from Bees and Snowflakes. Open your mind to all the cool Cats in Fernie. Even the right dog can sniff you out – if you let them!