February 2013 Remark

Hot List
The new Stat Holiday Feb 11
Floral shops
Highway 3
Super Bowl parties and Super Bowl food Feb 3
NHL games
A fine cheese on a cheap cracker
Using your patio as a beer fridge
Coloured denim for both sexes
Pinterest addiction problems
Booking time off work for summer weddings
Ghostriders vs Kimberley dynamiters Feb 2, Fernie Arena
Tickets to Fernie Mountain Film Fest
New menu items at Yamagoya
The Good Room – Fernie’s vintage pop-up shop

The Wapiti Fresh Canadian Indie Playlist

Classified – “Inner Ninja ft. David Myles”
Born Ruffians – “With Her Shadow”
Portage and Main - "Never Had The Time”
Japandroids - "The Nights of Wine and Roses"
Young Rival – “Better Things to Do”
Wake Owl – “Gold”
Kid Koala - “2 Bit Blues”
City and Colour- “How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me?”
Rah Rah – “Prairie Girl”
Brad Fillatre – “New Tattoo”
Tegan and Sara – “Closer”

www.wapitimusicfestival.com - 2013 tickets on sale soon!

Trending Fashion 2013 - Floral Skinnys, Leggings or Denim.

Floral legs will be in nearly every collection this spring. To ease into this trend, pair with a solid top and tall boots. As you get more comfortable, closer to summer wear them rolled up with sandals and a tank. In this picture, Nikiya shows us the winter version. A blazer or long cardigan works perfectly.

Mid-winter blues?

Try something new, like turning on some blues music and sipping on Port. Pairs great with sweets, nuts, and dried fruit. Ok, I lost you at dried fruit. Seriously, grab a $20 or more bottle, kick back and really immerse yourself in the mid-winter blues. Look for rich flavours like black current or honey and nutty flavours.

What is port? It's a great European tradition, originating from Portugal and its wine. At some point in the production process, brandy was added. Fortified wine! The brandy allows the wine to keep some of the sweetness from the grapes. Like wine there is an array of types, but Port is classed by age rather than grape. For the beginner port sipper, start with a 10- or 20-year tawnie and work your taste buds up to a vintage.