Favourite Fix Moments

I have to say that my favourite Fix moment was the very first one that I picked up, which was the very first one that was published. It was filled with a sense of possibility and excitement—which is a real reflection of the town in which it was born. I don’t know if Krista and Vanessa knew that they were embarking on the adventure of a lifetime when they started out, but they must by now. At three years old, the Fix has started to form its very own personality, and it has been fun to watch it grow.
Carolyn Nikodym

My favourite Fix moment was undoubtedly the July 2009 issue as the cover featured our dear Sebastian jumping over the Three Sisters. Although I may have a small bias.
Renee Fairchild

My favourite moment was the introduction of the artist profiles. I knew we had plenty of talented creative types, and I looked forward to hearing about Angela Morgan, Laura Nelson, Tara Higgins, Judy McMahon, Terry Parker, and Keya White. However, I imagined The Fix would run out of artists before we made it through a year. Not so! Every month,
Krista and Vanessa find a new fascinating artsy person to profile. Every issue, I love learning about the different ways people have found inspiration in this little mountain town. I once heard Fernie described as "Nelson's dumb jock little brother." These profiles prove otherwise.
Angie Abdou

What I love about the Fix is that no matter what story is covered, it always seems to capture those being featured. Real people get to tell real stories. The Fix let’s people have their story…and read it too!
Kim Stokie

Your very first issue is the one that stays in mind. It was the name you gave your publication that really resonated to me, so much so that I wrote a letter to the editor that you so kindly printed stating what a Fernie Fix meant to me. With each issue you have published you have showcased all that a Fernie Fix means to the different people who call Fernie home. Your stories, columns, and information on what's going on in town touch on what it means to live here in one way or another.
Mary Giuliano

My favourite feature was the article written by the young girl (Sindella, Fernie Abroad August 2009) who traveled the world. The story made me cry. What an AMAZING little girl.
Dawn Rahal

I can remember my excitement when Krista and Vanessa first told me about their plan to create the Fernie Fix. It was great news and three years later, the Fix is an increasingly important part of our community.
Randal Macnair

My all time favourite Fernie Fix is your Rose Watson profile. It was a delight to see Rose smiling back at me from the pages of your magazine.

When our family first arrived in Fernie in 1987, one of the most memorable people I remember being introduced to, 22 years ago, was Rose Watson. Years merge one into the other, what remains in memory is what made Rose, Rose. She is a woman blessed with the art of welcome.

As a a young 34 year old newcomer, icy, cold Fernie was a million miles away from Durban, with heat-waves and sweat trickling down one's brow. I wondered whether I would ever find complete solace in this winter town in the Rockies. As it turns out, we did!

Our family's roots remain in Fernie. We spent nine of our best years here. As our family used to race up the hill for a day of skiing, we would pass The Chocolate House of the Watsons, always knowing that a fire was burning, not only at the hearth, but in the hearts of the people there. Rose inspired me with her creative weaving, her involvement in the creation of the Arts Station, her welcome appraisal of Fernie Hospice, her frankness and honesty, her wide open smile and her engaging rapport. She is fondly remembered.

Danuta Rozwadowska