December 2011 Remark

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The Beib’s Christmas album
Over indulging
Jeans with lots of stretch
Party dresses
Egg Nog lattes
Cheryl Ladd
Red and green
The movie Elf
The smell of ski wax
Bad sweaters
Living in a ski town
Remote car starters
Being merry
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Booze News – Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey has made it to Canadian shelves. After reading months of Twitter reviews and recipes from our southern neighbours I was able to finally embrace this sweet nectar.

The honey whiskey is classic Jack Daniels infused with honey liqueur. I wanted to capture the full experience so I pulled out my whiskey stones (from La Grand Fromage) and I chilled the liqueur in my favorite whisky-sipping cup. One sip in my 1950’s miner’s kitchen and I was transported to the deep south, rocking on a chair on the veranda with the light of a gold sunset dripping over everything. Floral, charcoal, vanilla sweetness all in the smoothest experience. It’s about time Jack produced a new product and I believe we have struck honey gold! I awoke back in Fernie with my furnace cranked and a shit eating grin on my face. Check the JD website for lots of cool recipes!

How To Look Fabulous in a Ski Town
Just because you are in a ski town, you don’t have to look like a bum despite what the brochures tell you. Fashion is about self-expression and it certainly gives a first impression. Don’t get me wrong, dressing in Fernie is not like dressing in downtown Toronto – that’s precisely one of the reasons we live here, not there. Fernie is also not a stop on the Vegas strip. Basically we like to keep it a little classy here – and warm!

These are your wardrobe musts for a cozy and stylish winter season in Fernie.
Leggings – Most definitely you need a pair of thicker leggings to match your tunic length tops and dresses.
Tall boots – Whether they are $500 leather riding boots, the “Kate” Sorel, or a classic pair of Uggs, match your leggings with a tall pair of boots.
Cardigan – This is another function item. Not only does it help create many different looks, it keeps you warm. Example - that floral dress you wore all summer, why not pair it with leggings and a cardigan and then add a belt! Boom - cute winter outfit!
Skinny Jeans – C’mon ladies they have been back in fashion for about eight years, you don’t have to wear them alone, but if you want to rock ANY kind of boot this winter, you need a fitted jean. You can’t wrap and tuck a bootleg in there.
Apres Ski Coat - Are you really going to wear your soaking wet ski jacket out to the Brickhouse for a glass of vino? Get bundled up in a wool pea coat or a military inspired coat, match with a funky scarf and you are off and running!
Cute Toque – Don’t feel like doing your hair? That’s cool, cover it up with a cute hat!

One of the most commented on pieces of “The Remark” over the last two years has been when I’ve asked my mother Cathy for relationship advice. So I called her up and asked her some questions for this anniversary issue:
1. Are there any good men out there?
Cathy: They don’t come that way. You have to train them
2. Mom, what do you do when you've made a beautiful dinner and your man doesn’t call to say he’s going to be late?
Cathy: You pack it up and put it in the fridge, he can warm it up when he gets home and you tell him you ain't waiting around for him, and you give him the look. You know the look.