August 2013 Remark

Hot List
Seeing Wapiti bands around Fernie
Judging wake surfers
Ice cold cider
Food trucks
Clawhammer Press
Small dipped cones
Dirty flip flops
Apartment scouting
Owning multiple pairs of sunglasses
Music Festivals
Dinner at 3/93
The Livery
Big watches
Panama hats

Bubble 1
Not having a clever comeback when someone insults you #worst

Bubble 2
Fernie in the summer #topshelf

Wapiti News

This is it folks - party in the Annex! Check out the Programme in this Fix! Hashtag #Wapiti at the festival to win passes and other instant prizes! Also don’t forget to pop into the refreshment garden and have some wine by Gehringer Brothers, ice cold cider by the boutique cidery Orchard Hill Estate Cidery and microbrews by Fernie Brewing Co. #refreshing

Livery Opening
The Livery Restaurant is open - Chef Barrie Elliot and her team debuted July 7. People were packed in among colourful horse art, eagerly devouring the new menu samples and signature cocktails. The evening went well past the late summer sunset - fully celebrating the newest restaurant on the block.

A delicious and dangerous drink on their menu is the Maple Bourbon Cider.
Maple Bourbon Cider
1.5oz Makers Mark bourbon
Fresh lemon juice
.5oz maple syrup
Topped with apple cider
Shaken on ice, poured into a rocks glass and topped with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Summer Fashion
To many people’s horror, neon returned to the fashion scene this spring. Neon tanks, jewellery and hats are all trending right now. Either you embrace it or hold your breath until it’s over.

The right way to wear neon is to essentially use it as a highlight. Full head to toe neon is too bright, no one needs to be a human pylon. Try a neon tank with jean shorts and simple sandals. Or a colourful array of neon bracelets and a simple white tank. Neon bikini? Yes - go all the way! Maybe just your toes are as far as you are willing to go.

Neon makes the most sense when on a beach, but when dressed down with neutral colours it can really make a chic statement at dinner.

I give neon the green light for a hot sunny August!

Derby News
Our own Roller Derby queens took on the Medicine Hat Belladonnas in July

Catch the Avalanche City Roller Girls this August
Sunday August 11 - Car Wash Fundraiser at Gear Hub
Saturday August 24 - ACRG vs. Kill Jills, Calgary
Saturday August 31 - ACRG vs. Belledonnas vs. Kootenay Kanibelles (Round Robin), Sparwood
- Paul Hunn holds the record for the loudest burp, which was 118.1 decibels and as loud as a chainsaw.
- One out of 20 people have an extra rib.
- Golf is the only sport that's been played on the moon.
- 188 countries call soccer "football" while only four call it "soccer."
- Jogging for exercise was invented in New Zealand in the late 1940s.
- Unlike other professional football teams, the Green Bay Packers is a non-profit organization.