April 2014 Remark

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Las Vegas
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Old people watering down their driveways
NHL playoffs
Playoff beards
Floral leggings
Easter chocolate
Game of Thrones premiere April 6
Coconut water

Five Cheap Ways to Spring Up Your Wardrobe

1. Chambray denim shirt. Look at thrift shop or local shops. This shirt over your tanks will give you a modern casual look.

2. Fabric head wrap. Cover your roots or greasy tresses with a fabric head wrap. So comfy. It's the new toque! Make one or buy one. They are cheap

3. Pick up an oversized tee. Tight tees are so last year. Get an oversized tee and roll up the sleeves. A cool oversized graphic tee with tights or tucked in some jeans with ballet flats and violia!

4. Statement necklace. Once you have this, you will spring-ify your look. With a flannel shirt. With a collar, over a light sweater. Even with that oversized tee. This look is so hot, and is a trend that is not going away.

5. Dig out that jean jacket - you know you have one somewhere! Or look for a bargain one – they are timeless and scream spring.

Spring Wine
My favourite wine is Sauvignon Blanc and there is no better time of the year than spring to sip this fresh vegetal drink. The new spring sun, earthy gardening smells and raked lawn are all packed into Sauvignon Blancs. It's fascinating to think the clay, soil and rocks and their surrounding environment have all ended up in one little grape packing all that story.

What's available in Fernie? Look in the New Zealand section. It’s hard to go wrong with a bottle in there. Sauvignon Blanc, Oyster Bay, New Zealand is my choice. oysterbaywines.com

Bubble. There are two kinds of women. Those who watch The Bachelor and those who don't.

Bubble. The Wapiti lineup is out May 1. It's been described as the love child of Johnnny Cash and Freddie Mercury.