April 2013 Remark

Wapiti Playlist
Tickets now on sale! This year it’s different folks, with a tiered system starting at $35. The earlier you purchase, the more you save. With limited Tickets for 2013, don’t be left on the wrong side of the gate.

Stompin’ Tom – “My British Columbian Home”
Plants and Animals – “Lightshow”
The Born Ruffians – “Needle”
Wildlife – “Born To Ruin”
Hollerado – “Desire 126”
Two Hours Traffic -"Faster 4 U”
Woodpigeon – “Robin Song”
We Are Wolves – “As the Moon Sets”
Kathleen Edwards – “It Must Have Been Love”
Diamond Rings – “Runaway Love”
Suuns – “2020”
Walk Off The Earth – “Red Hands”

Hot List

Ballet flats
Hot Dog’ers
Finding hidden Easter eggs
White denim
Wapiti first-tier tickets for $35
Dusty streets
Selling old stuff
Chilliwack, the band
Poutine options at The Fernie
A good place to rent

Cocktails I Kinda Want to Drink
Due to Pinterest and my love of bacon, I came across this drink. First I was like “What? This is just plain whack.” But quickly realized, “No this is genius!” Meat - it’s not what’s for dinner, it’s what’s to drink!

Maple Bacon Manhattan

First make Bacon Bourbon. Cook 3-4 strips of bacon until crispy. Add the strips to your bottle of choice. Let steep for 24 hours. Strain through cheesecloth and refrigerate.

2 oz infused Knob Creek Bacon Bourbon
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
1/2 oz 100% pure Maple Syrup
1 Dash Angostura Bitters

Combine all ingredients over ice in a mixing pint. Stir well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. More bacon? Garnish with a crispy strip. Serve with a brownie!

The Internet is full of meat-themed cocktails; I even came across a foie gras martini and a beef drink avec veal consommé ice cubes! You can really go hog wild.


Botanically, bananas are berries and raspberries are not.

An application named “I Am Rich” was sold on the Apple App Store for $999.99, it does nothing and eight people bought it.

@totallyrelate: Housework: No one notices when you do it, but everyone notices when you don’t.

Roller Derby News
This month the 2013 Avalanche City Roller Girls are off to Flat Track Fever in Calgary – an Alberta wide tournament. Follow all updates on Twitter.com/AvalancheGirls or flattrackfever.com.

Coming up in May, Fernie hosts its own bout in the Fernie Memorial Arena May 11.The team takes on the Mountain Town Maulers (Cranbrook).

Spring Fashion – Crochet
What is it about that boho ‘70s crochet look that we just can’t get enough of? I saw this trend three years ago and it continues to reign. Tops, bags, headbands – get into the crochet! Heck, you can waltz down to Heaven Stitch and Design and learn to make your next hot item yourself!

One outstanding designer that I have to mention is Anna Kosturova from BC. Well known in the international fashion world, with her crochet swimsuits featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and FHM, she’s a wonderful Vancouver female entrepreneur success story. Check it out. annakosturova.com