What Does Griz Do During the Summer Story Writing Contest

Storytelling is an ancient artform we continue to use today. Everyone has a bit of storytelling in them. The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) is running a contest for the 2019 Griz Days. The hope is to draw out the storytelling skills of the children and youth of the Elk Valley as they share their ideas of what the Griz does during the summer.

Legend has it, the Griz is a tall man with shoulders six feet wide.  

He was born in a cave high in the mountains on the Lizard Range. This burley man fought a grizzly with his bare hands and then skinned it. Through the years he has been spotted wearing the fur and shoo

ting his musket into the air to make the snow fall. It’s a big responsibility providing the Elk Valley with so much snow! But what does Griz do during the summer months? Maybe he has been spotted cliff jumping at Silver Springs. Or does he catch a flight from the Canadian Rockies International Airport and go skiing in New Zealand. This is what we want to know.

“What Does Griz Do During the Summer Story Writing Contest” is open to all children up to Grade 12. “The stories don’t need to be long,” says CBAL Community Literacy Coordinator, Chrisy Hill, “and if a writer needs help with getting their story on paper, they can ask someone else to write it out for them.”

Grades 9-12: 200-250 words

Grades 5-8: 150-200 words 

Grades 2-4: 100-150 words

Grade 1 and younger: 3-6 sentences

All entries will be published online. There are prizes for the winners of each grade category and these pieces will be published in the 2019 Griz Days magazine. 

Stories must be submitted by Tuesday, January 29. Please email entries to chill@cbal.org.