Used Oil Depot Now Open at Fernie Transfer Station

Fernie area residents now have an option to safely dispose of used motor oils and antifreeze, with the addition of a new used oil depot at the Fernie Transfer Station.

Products accepted at the new used oil depot include used lubricating oil, oil filters, oil containers, antifreeze, and antifreeze containers. “Residents will find that this new option at the transfer station will make for a simple and convenient way to dispose of these materials,” says General Manager of Engineering & Environmental Services, Kevin Paterson. “Used motor oil is highly recyclable. If it’s collected and returned properly, it can be reused again and again.”

The materials collected at the depot will be recycled through the BC Used Oil Management Association, which manages the used oil program in BC.

Anyone with questions regarding the new depot can contact the RDEK at 1-888-478-7335 or visit