Untamed and Ali Cat Arts

Emma Stevens is the owner of Untamed, a clothing company in beautiful Fernie, creating flattering and wearable art.

“I got tired of not finding anything cool, flattering, and long to wear with tights,” says Emma. “So, I started making and designing everything myself out of super soft bamboo fabric, and yes! They all have pockets. My creations are for busy women who want it all - comfort, convenience, and to look and feel good. We deserve it!”

Emma enjoys combining her passion for art and fashion and collaborating with local artists and her own photos printed on fabric to use in the designs.

As Wapiti Music Festival approached, Emma was interested in creating something special and was looking for a unique local artist that would represent this festival and also the valley.

“One day I was in Freshies grabbing a lime scone when I saw this incredible art on display, and I knew I had found my artist. Ali Cat Arts is striking and vibrant, and her attention to detail and understanding of the flow of the body and shapes is beautiful and perfect for my designs,” Emma says.

“My creative process usually starts with an idea that gets ignited by an experience. Most of the inspiration comes from nature. Mountains, trees, animals and the sky are my muse,” says Ali.

Interestingly, Ali has always wanted to make wearable art and this collaboration reignited that interest in her.

“All of the images I’ve created for Untamed are custom cut with the body in mind, precisely placed for the best feature and shape. I knew I wanted to do something elk related. The name wapiti originates from first nations languages. An Algonquian, Shawnee and Cree word waapiti, meaning ‘white rump.’ So, I planned a first-time trip to Elk Lakes Provincial Park, and over all three days of exploring the Elk River headwaters, my imagination went wild.” Ali shares.

“The rows of rugged mountains and beautiful lakes cradled amongst them like jewels. The trail intertwined, and the river meandered towards Fernie. At night there is no visible civilization; the sky is jet black and brilliant with twinkling stars. As I marvelled at the many constellations, my heart felt full, knowing how inspired I was by this trip.”

Ali and Emma are extremely proud of how this collaboration turned out and are excited to share them at Wapiti Music Festival this August 11 and 12. You can also check out the collection online at untamedfernie.com