Summer Musts - Editor's Fix

Photo by Martina Halik - Raven Eye Photography

It’s summer solstice as I write this – the longest day of the year. Sitting outside enjoying the first non-rainy day in weeks, I’m donned in a hoodie excited about the Fernie summer soon to arrive. Yes, I’m a believer. And partially because I’m at the turning point with an injury, but mostly because we’re at a pivotal point with the weather, I’ve made a list of 2012 summer musts. The following comprise the first half, the remainder will follow this August.

1. Big Money. Not surprisingly, biking is at the top of my list but let me provide perspective. Last year I didn’t ride this trail once because I didn’t think it fit well with my training, and then it got too dry making the climb harder to clean and trail scarier to descend. This year, I plan to ride it early… to give myself the best chances of course! For a more mellow but as rewarding apex, try Castle Rocks.

2. Silver Springs. I haven’t been there in years and each and every time I see stunning photographs of this locale I’m taken back to my teenage years, when jumping off cliffs was a natural, effortless task. Now, I envision panic sweats and belly flops, but I WILL enjoy it.

3. The Mountain Market. I hate to admit it, but the last couple of years I have not been a market regular… and I live across the street! Typically I head out for a ride, and by the time I’m finished so is the market. This summer I plan on enjoying a stroll over each week, filling my basket with local goodness. After a ride, I’ll continue my lovely Fernie Sunday with the Downtown Social. Life is good.

4. Golf 18 holes at the Fernie Golf & Country Club. I play a bit of golf, usually a quick nine Monday nights followed by a pint and burger at The Clubhouse. Each year four of us play in the Emily Brydon Golf Tournament in September, promising ourselves that the following summer we will complete a full round PRIOR to the tournament. This is our year!

5. Heiko’s Trail. I’ve never done the whole thing from start to finish. Sure, to the top of Mount Fernie from Hartley Lake, or from Island Lake to Mount Fernie, but this year I want the full experience complete with après on the patio at Island Lake. Maybe I’ll even spend the night – staycations are brilliant.

6. Tube the Elk River. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve tubed the river. And I grew up here! I’m going to invest in a sturdy flotation device complete with a beer holder, and enjoy a float on a hot day.

7. Fernie Writers’ Conference. I have never participated as it has always been difficult to fit in between the magazine and training. This year I would like to take a class or at the very least sit in on a couple of sessions and events. Too good of an opportunity for a person in my field to pass up really

If you have your own list of “summer musts” let us know by emailing us at and we’ll share them in the following edition. Enjoy July in Fernie.