September 2020 Editor’s Fix

EDUCATION. I, like many of you and, as you’ll soon find, many of our writers, have been working through what this means to me. 

Not surprisingly, I looked up the definition. 

1. The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at school or university. 
2. An enlightening experience. 
Instantly, I connect with option two. Maybe it’s because my kids are still small. Maybe it’s because of this big shift and revival we have all been going through. Maybe it’s because during this pandemic, we have been truly exposed to what’s important - life, in all of its forms and manifestations. Or maybe it’s all of the above, alongside being in desperate need of an enlightening experience at this very moment (is it even possible to be a stay-at-home-mom-teacher-editor?). 

I’m sitting in my office, curled up on a sofa chair, listening to a playlist I made years ago… when things were simpler. When Fernie was quieter. When I only had to worry about me, and it was easy to turn a blind eye. 

The playlist still rocks, but it sounds different. I know more, about me and the world and how ugly it can be but also how absolutely gracious and beautiful it is at the same time. I guess you could say, I have gained an education… and am dedicated to continuing to learn with each day.

This September, as we go back to school or home school or unschool or outdoor school or distance learn… let’s be easy on ourselves and on others as everyone is doing their best. This can be an education - an enlightening experience, from which we grow and evolve. Let’s choose that.