September 2018 Editor's Fix

We’re laying in my daughter’s bed. She’s brushed her teeth and had some water. We’ve read the books and she’s all tucked in. The lights are out and we’re cuddling. Just when I think she’s falling asleep…

“Why do I float but rocks sink?

“How do planes fly?”

“Why is my hair curly?”

Questions have been coming at me since 7am, and it can be really tough at the end of the day. But more and more I’m shocked by her mind, and find myself saying, “That’s a really good question.” It makes me so excited for her! And envious of her thirst for knowledge.

After all, shouldn’t we be cultivating curiosity not only in children but in ourselves?

We can get into slumps. Patterns. Doing the same thing, day-to-day. Sticking with what we know, spending time with the same people, working the job we’ve been at for ten plus years… but then, something happens… something catches our eye or stops us mid-step. Oooh, that looks fun! Maybe I should try it? What is that event taking place next week? Who is that new business owner downtown? Our mind lights up, is ignited with curiosity and all of a sudden, we’re filled with purpose and excitement. It’s the beginning of learning, of meeting someone new, of perhaps even stepping outside of our comfort zone.

A recent study found that on average, curious children ask 73 questions a day.

“How do you pedal your bike up the mountain, momma?” Hmmmmmm.

Keep them coming, girls. I’m up for the challenge… or will be, after I spend some time buffing up on my physics, math, anatomy… gulp.