September 2016 Editor's Fix

Once you stop learning, you start dying. ~ Albert Einstein

I like that. Short, sweet and oh, so true. It is impossible to know it all, and a lot of what we think we know may be wrong or even evolve as we live in this world. To choose to always be learning, to actively be aware of this never-ending process and to have a thirst for knowledge, is in my mind a fantastic approach to life. 

Sometimes, when life gets busy and repetitive it can feel as though you are stagnant. Like you aren’t developing or growing. That there is no time to explore or learn something new. It’s during these times that it’s important to get perspective, and when it seems as though you can’t see the forest for the trees regardless of how hard you try, your “ah ha” moment may be just around the corner.

A few years ago, my life changed significantly with the birth of our first child. I could not have anticipated the huge transition that followed, but it quickly became the norm. Sometimes, I lament about not being able to read all of the books gathering dust on my shelves. I worry when I can’t remember the name of a song I’ve heard countless times. I smack my head on the steering wheel when I completely miss an appointment. What is happening to me? Is my brain degenerating from lack of use? And just then, something profound happens. My eldest rides her bike for the first time. My youngest responds with, “thank you” when I give her the water glass she wanted. I catch them playing with one another. I see the raw and unconditional love wash across my parents’ faces when I drop off the girls. I catch my partner’s eye when any of the above is happening. And best of all, I feel like I am continually becoming a better version of myself. This kind of learning, I decide I am very happy about. This kind of learning is living.

Having said that, I could still use a good reading session…