Proposed Galloway Lands Bylaw Amendments Go To Public Hearing

A public hearing has been scheduled regarding an application to permit residential development on private property known as the Galloway Lands adjacent to Fernie Alpine Resort.

“We recognize there has been a great deal of community interest in this proposal on all sides. That is one of the key reasons members of the Board supported going to public hearing. This is the formal opportunity for us to hear directly and on the record from residents and is a critical piece of the bylaw amendment process,” explains RDEK Board Chair Rob Gay.

The public hearing will be held over the course of two nights with an in-person hearing at 7pm on May 3rd in Fernie and a second hearing scheduled via Zoom at 7pm on May 4th. A livestream of the Zoom portion on May 4th will be available for all interested parties.

Those interested in attending only need to attend one day of the hearing. Details on the public hearings and process to be added to a speaker’s list can be found on the RDEK’s website early next week.

“Anyone with questions about the bylaws should contact the Planning Technician prior to the public hearing as there will not be a Q&A period prior to the public hearing. We encourage anyone interested in attending to thoroughly read the public hearing notice and be familiar with how the processes for participating as a speaker will work,” adds Gay. Those wishing to provide written submissions must have them submitted to the RDEK by 4:30pm on May 1st.

The Board gave first reading to the bylaw amendments by an 11-4 margin and authorized a public hearing at its Board Meeting Friday. First reading is required to take a bylaw forward to public hearing.

While the developer had previously submitted an application last year, it was withdrawn in May 2022. The application currently before the Board represents a new application for the subject properties.