October 2022 Editor's Fix

When presented with the theme of Comfort many of our columnists chose to discuss the importance of leaning into discomfort. And as was likely their aim, it made me pause and reflect. It may seem as though I am a leaner, spending so much time on my bike, pushing myself into challenging physical states and exposing myself to fear and risk. But the reality is, biking has actually become comforting. I know that minutes into a ride, even one that is undoubtedly testing my fitness or contains sections that terrify me, I will feel like I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. 

How does this happen? I think it’s the challenge and reward that hook us, the euphoric feeling we don’t want to live without. The real question is, how can this be applied to other areas of our lives? 

The next time an opportunity arises that produces a wee bit of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, I am going to question that feeling, spend a bit of time with it. Is there value here? What am I actually afraid of? Does the potential outcome outweigh the discomfort? It’s all too easy to continue to do the same thing, day after day. Stepping out of our comfort zones could lead to more robust experiences, distinct memories. It might also leave us with that euphoria, the feeling of ‘this is exactly where we’re supposed to be.’ 

So, this month I challenge us all to get a little uncomfortable… take cold dips in the Elk River, sign up for that pottery class you always wanted to try, plan an overnight hike with a friend, be more open and vulnerable with your parents, whatever it is for you! I think we’ll be happily surprised with how comfortable we can feel with a bit of discomfort.