October 2020 Editors Fix

Every tree, every growing thing as it grows, say this truth, you harvest what you sow.  

IT’S always been there, in the background. The knowing and understanding and need to be self sustainable. But, life kept on rolling. Our daily schedules filling. We’ll get to that…

Then COVID-19 hit, and I have to say thank goodness it’s been a slow progression, as I learned while working on this issue that we have three days… three… of supply chain food here in Fernie. It really makes you think about what you rely on.

This spring, we planted our seeds and we grew heaps of vegetables. Enjoying the greens throughout the summer, this fall we have been harvesting our root veggies… and we have heaps! Yaaaaay… but wait. Our house has in-floor heating throughout. Our garage, even. Where can we store this food? Luckily my dad is Italian and he built a cold room into his basement 30 years ago. Otherwise, we might be out of luck. 

I have always had gardens, but never really thought about these issues. What I have come to realize is that COVID has taught us how to sow… to plan and prepare and work hard for change and difference and growth. The fruits of this labour will come, but we need to keep on keeping on. 

It’s there for us all. The harvest awaits.