October 2019 Editor's Fix

It can often feel like a challenge to separate spirit and body, to be present in the moment… yet, interestingly the physical self can often assist in the process.

Using the breath in meditation. Following a sequence in yoga. Focusing on the movement and repetition while walking, running, or biking.

Last month, my daughters took part in the Fernie Kids’ Triathlon, and it was amazing to see them in the zone. As we watched them transition from swim to bike, bike to run, I was awed by their concentration. They were truly present within each experience, and when they crossed the finish line the happiness radiated from their little faces.

Later that afternoon, they surprised me by asking if we could go for a bike ride. I just assumed they were exhausted by their morning efforts. We decided to bike to our weekly pasta dinner at my parents’ by following the dike trail from our area of town to theirs. Pedals were turning as we basked in the sunlight and listened to the flowing river and leaves flickering beneath our wheels. With smiles on our faces, it dawned on me… they wanted to feel that again, the connection with self… happiness radiating from within… being in the moment.

As adults, our lives are filled with tasks and timelines and schedules, to the point where we need to actively work on that connection with our spirit. While our kids might not be aware of it, they more easily live in this way and it’s something to be celebrated and emulated. We’ve all been there, but perhaps just need reminders of the way there. Fortunately, we often achieve this through the physical activities we take part in and Fall is the absolute perfect time to practice. Using our breath, finding a rhythm, and letting the majestic colours of this season connect us back to our child-like spirit!