October 2016 Editor's Fix

You’re probably cursing me for this song running on repeat in your head every time you pick up this month’s edition. It’s been in our heads as well… but I’ve actually enjoyed the process as the lyrics of this David Bowie classic are what I was hoping this edition would discuss. 

Change. It’s inevitable. And it is often what we fear most. It’s much easier to stick with what we know, to stay in our comfort zones. To never put oneself out on a limb, try something new, face the possibility of failure. But once you realize that change is going to happen regardless, it somehow makes it easier to confront. Your day to day, and the day to day of your town, your country and the world, is always changing. 

You WILL face substantial changes in your lifetime. It WILL be extremely hard and at times feel impossible. But, you CAN persevere. And how better to prepare for the inevitable, than to be one step ahead… 

“Turn and face the strange. Turn and face the strain.” 

October is a time of change in our valley. The summer is quickly forgotten as the days shorten, the leaves change their hue and the frosty mornings arrive. Many are excited for the winter months ahead. Others are dreading the endurance of the cold, dark days. How will I get through this winter? It’s a time of flux, and a perfect time for some introspection. This is often when I personally “turned myself to face me” and decide on the changes I want to see. The goals I want to set. No, it’s not easy. It can often be ugly, especially if you include the people in your lives in this process. But, it is a metamorphosis. And, in the end you will have come out better for it. 

“Strange fascination, fascinating me. Changes are taking the pace I’m going thru.”