November 2018 Editor's Fix

Have you ever been told to calm down? If not, let me fill you in on a little secret: it does not work. Telling someone to calm down does not in fact help them to calm down. Usually, it results in the complete opposite.

September and October have become an extremely absorbing time. Back to school, chock-full of community events, preparing for the winter season, engaging in the civil election, squeezing in our last rides or runs on dirt, avoiding getting sick or getting over those first seasonal colds… just trying to get it all in and with shorter days, it often feels as though it just isn’t possible. We’re stretched to the limit, and our patience is thin.

And everyone is in the same boat. Your partner. Your kids. Your co-workers. We’re all feeling the very same thing.

Fortunately, we have November. Breathe it all in, folks. It’s here and with it comes less. There is a holiday, but it’s one that does not require shopping, dressing up, or hosting. It’s a day to remember and to show gratitude. There are events, but if you peruse the calendar you’ll find many like En Pointe, the Festival of Lights or FAR’s Yoga Retreat offer opportunities to be moved and look within. And when it comes to recreation, biking is winding down while skiing is on the horizon.

You see, November is a gift. It’s an opportunity. 30 days, just for you to connect with yourself and those around you. To slow down the pace. To feel calm. It seems like a natural evolution this time of year. Something we don’t need to be told, rather something that happens all on its own.

This November, we look forward to embracing calm, and invite you to do the same.