November 2017 Editor's Fix

I have been sitting here, staring at the white space of the Word document in front of me for hours. Written and erased the first sentence numerous times.

Five days ago, our community was ever changed and from that moment I have been anticipating this opening, not knowing what would outpour from all of the loss and grief and worry that has consumed our community.

But then, I remember. Mug Shots offering free food and drink to those evacuated and Mountain View Dental Office donating toothpaste and toothbrushes. Fire fighters feeding the cats of residents displaced. The outpour of volunteers lending a hand at the Seniors Centre. A Cranbrook hockey team adding an emblem of Fernie in a heart to their jersey. Soar Studios offering free community classes this weekend.

We may not be able to heal a broken heart. A loss of a loved one takes time to heal, and can be felt for a lifetime. In a small town like Fernie, the loss of such essential community member trickles down to everyone – we all have a connection, a story or know someone who has. So, it’s not surprising that within hours of hearing of the tragedy at the Fernie Memorial Arena, the residents of Fernie got into action and found ways to take care of our people. These acts of kindness and generosity have been the silver lining to this dark time. And as we continue to mourn and mend our hearts, we’ll continue to turn to one another or lift one another up. Because, that’s what we do. And Fernie, you sure showed up this week.

This edition was meant to recharge us before the next busy season headed our way. Instead, I hope it offers some peace and calm of mind and heart. Much love to you all.

In memory of Wayne Hornquist, Lloyd Smith and Jason Podloski.