No One is Left Behind

Jeri Mitchell and I run a Christmas Cheer Committee with the help of a few Elves here in Fernieto spread kindness and cheer throughout the Christmas Holidays and year round if someone or a family needs help.

We decided to start handing out Christmas Cheer when we found that there were folks slipping through the cracks of our society’s help line. There are people within our community going without at Christmas and through the year, notgetting unnoticed and with little to no help. Jeri and I love our community and the Holidays and we thought we could help by using our faces and voices to raise funds for those silent in their struggle.

Our name tells a story of days of old,  “Fernie Snow Valley” Christmas Cheer. There is a nostalgia for the days when your neighbour helped by bringing in a crop, spend time feeding the farm animals, watched your wee ones when you needed a break, or just were there to sit with you if you needed an ear or a smile. This is why the Snow Valley - to bring back feeling of the days when Heiko would let you toboggan down the ski hill for free with a tow behind his skidoo, or a kind stranger would pile 20 people into their station wagon for a ride to the ski hill!

This is our Fernie, our community and our family. What can you do for someone this holiday season or throughout the year when a helping hand is needed? Jeri and I challenge you to find your random act of kindness and help us in our plight that no one should be left behind!

Merry Christmas to one and all! God Bless you and your families.