Mayor Ange Qualizza, Acclaimed for Vice President of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities

“I am very thankful to have been acclaimed for Vice President of UBCM, having the support of my peers to represent them in a time where local governments have never felt more vulnerable is something I am very proud of.

For Fernie, my role as Vice President means I will continue to work closely with Ministers, and Ministerial staff to ensure we are heard, our unique needs are being raised, and that we continue being successful pulling investment out of the lower mainland and into our community.” Mayor Ange Qualizza

“We are in a health care crisis, a mental health crisis, an education crisis, a housing crisis and a climate crisis. The challenges we face are enormous and having a seat at the table trying to design solutions to these problems to support not just Fernie, but communities like ours, is critical to our success.” Mayor Ange Qualizza

UBCM works with senior levels of government, holds positions on inter-governmental committees, works with Ministers and Ministerial staff on a variety of files. UBCM initiates, monitors, interprets and changes could influence local governments and the communities we serve.

UBCM delivers provincial programming designed to support local governments, and First Nations. These programs range from Asset Management Planning, Climate Adaptation, FireSmart and the Canada Community - Building Fund.