May 2021 Editor's Fix

The City of Fernie is building a playground in our neighbourhood. Let me say that again. The City of Fernie is building a playground in our neighbourhood! And we’re stoked! 

While Parkland Terrace has been established for nearly 50 years, this is the first playground it has seen and there is a buzz of excitement in the air. 

Our kids will be able to walk down the street (or cut through the backyard in our case) to go play in the park. But what we are most excited for is how this will enhance the feeling of community. But why has this not happened yet? We’ve lived here for three years…

Remembering my own childhood, we were friends and spent time with all of the children on our block. Many of the parents were also friends, and at the very least supported and helped one another and their children. The strength of these relationships continues today. While we didn’t have a park, our block was organized so all of the backyards connected… it was one very large green space! Our parents felt it was safe for us to go out the back patio, meet up with the 10+ kids who lived on the block, and play Star Wars until the street lights went out. It felt like pure magic, even if you had to be a storm trooper… Every. Single. Time. 

While we don’t have one big green space, neighbourhood playgrounds can produce the same result by creating space for children in an area to gather regularly. By stepping out of their homes and walking or biking the short distance they are not only immersed in play and exploration, they have the opportunity to make new friendships! And through these, the families who now call Parkland Terrace, Alpine Trails or Canyon Trails home will be connected as well.  

And that is what community is all about.