May 2020 Editor’s Fix

Four or five years ago, my sister gave me a book for Christmas. “You shouldn’t have!” I said. “I thought we were only doing Secret Santa?” not so secretly delighted to be receiving another gift. I turned it over. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown um… is she trying to say something? The defences were up.

But then I dove in, chapter by chapter. Underlining, writing along the sides of pages, “ah ha” ing to the annoyance of my family. I needed this book. And honestly, I need to read it again! You see, it’s all about wholehearted living. Letting go of expectations, self-doubt and everything we’re “supposed to” be doing, and owning who we are and knowing that’s enough.

Today, we are six weeks into #stayinghome for the safety of our community. Daily, I feel as though I fail at literally everything… but I try to keep in mind that this is new territory for us all. I mean, have you experienced a global pandemic? This week has been especially hard, as our hours at work ramp up, navigating change and the unknown while still being there for our readers, advertisers and community. But like most of you, I’m doing this while at home with the kids, trying to teach them and take them outside and feed them and have fun with them… Right before I start to spiral, Brene enters stage left…. “you’re enough.”

That’s when I ask for help, and am honest with my family about how I am feeling… and guess what? Help arrived. I even got out for a bike ride today, and listened to Brene’s new podcast Unlocking Us, and guess what? She has an acronym (of course she does) for what we’re going through! FFTs - “effing first times.” And here is the strategy… Name it! This is a new and uncomfortable situation, it’s not permanent, and I can reality check my expectations. Yes.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is…. You’re all doing a fantastic job. Just look around at what’s being done in our community, families reaching out to support one another, volunteers leaping to be there for our more vulnerable population, businesses reinventing themselves to not only make it through this but to be there for us during this time, the Elk Valley Hospital, City of Fernie, Fernie Food Share, Salvation Army, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Fernie… and countless additional organizations working around the clock to ensure we are safe, healthy, feel secure, and that we’re going to make it through this.

Thanks, Paula. For the gift of Brene. And to everyone else, do yourself a COVID favour - pick up one of Brene’s books, subscribe to her podcast, listen to her TED talks. You won’t regret it.